Color Wheel Combinations: Monochromatic Color Schemes (Part 2)

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monochromatic color schemes

Eminently elegant, monochromatic color schemes are the go-to choice for many designers these days. With these stunning designs? It’s easy to see why.


From country cabins to lavish lofts, monochromatic color schemes are surprisingly simple and versatile. With a world of options for creating a truly distinct look, it’s no surprise that monochromatic color schemes are all the rage right now.

For a touch of monochrome in your home, mix and match textures and materials, and different hues, tints, and tones of the same color. When it comes to accents? The bolder the better.

Because there’s always room for inspiration, here are a few monochromatic designs to whet your appetite:

1. Woodsy cabin

monochromatic color schemes

(image: Wicker Paradise)

Resplendent with wicker and wood accents, this enchanting living room combines various shades of brown throughout. With a variety of species, colors, and grains of wood, this monochromatic look is anything but bland.

To achieve this aesthetic in your home, add wood wall panels, a wicker love seat, and a wooden coffee table or stool. Layer soft fabrics and plush pillows to up the coziness factor. Choose unique wall art and unusually placed greens to pull this look together.

2. Charming concrete

monochromatic color schemes

(image: Wicker Paradise)

In this gloriously gray loft, various tints and tones of gray combine for a cozy, contemporary feel. A marriage of haphazardly arranged books, rising rafters, and painted brick combine for a charmingly understated urbanite aesthetic. Like an artist’s private loft, this is the place to daydream the afternoon away. Why not take a snooze in that hammock while you’re at it?

If you’re lucky enough to have brick details in your home, you can leave them as is, or paint them in a monochromatic shade of soft gray. Or you could install neutrally colored stacked stones on a feature wall, and save the paint for another day.

3. Leather and chrome

steampunk living room

(image: Wicker Paradise)

In this ruggedly arranged living room, shades of cigar-brown leather are counterbalanced by fetchingly modern metallic accents. A soft leather couch provides a peaceful place to unwind after a particularly trying day. Like a finely aged malt whiskey, the undertones of this room are coarse and craggy, but in a refined and distinguished sort of way.

To achieve this look in your home, offset leather accents with attention-grabbing metallics, like an eccentric TV stand or bookshelf. Wood accents would be equally striking in this space. (Think unique coffee tables and wooden stools.) If you’re a whiskey aficionado, add a few tumblers and a decanter. To complete this look, choose an unusual light fixture with an arboreal appeal.

4. Lofty luxury

monochromatic color schemes

(image: Wicker Paradise)

In this cozily quiet bedroom, various tints and tones of brown combine for a minimalistic, monochromatic look. A strategically placed pillow in a yellow-green hue adds just the right pop of color and visual disparity.

To attain this look in your home, experiment with several textures and textiles—from soft fabrics to brick or stacked stone. Blur the lines between natural and synthetic with a touch of greenery for balance. Place a plush rug underfoot to offset rigid brick and wood detailing.

5. Quiet cabin

monochromatic color schemes

(image: Wicker Paradise)

Whether you live in a sprawling urban space or a rural country cottage, a little R&R is never far with this woodsy bedroom. In this design, rich shades of mahogany-brown are carefully balanced with lighter hues of tan and subtle metallic accents.

To pull off this look in your home, add wooden wall panels, tile flooring, and soft seating. To house pillows and worldly possessions, tuck a wooden chest at the foot of your bed. For an additional element of mystery and intrigue, choose an unusually constructed bedframe. Finish this look with dazzling lighting, a metallic lamp, and a cool clock overhead.

What’s your style?

I love the look of #1 and #3. Which of these monochromatic color schemes would you try? Be sure to cast your vote below!

Also, be sure to tell us about your monochromatic color wheel passions in the comments!

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