Colorful Outdoor Furniture

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Primary colors, bold colors.

In some ways, we tend to shy away from them because we like to think they’re just too basic, or maybe just too dominant. Maybe we’re afraid to commit to a single color.

But, I don’t know – there’s a certain whimsy about primary colors that appeals to our childhood fancies, particularly outside when there’s so much potential for contrast in a world of earthier colors.

In any case, this is a big lead-up to a new line of Adirondack outdoor furniture chairs we’ve recently launched on the BuildDirect main site. You can read all about the practicalities and cost advantages on the Kontiki outdoor furniture Adirondack chairs line page, including the fact that BuildDirect is going to pay for the shipping after you’ve bought them.

But besides this whole product launch business, here’s the question to all of you design-minded folks out there; what’s your take on the whole bold color thing? It’s easy enough to think of the above outdoor furniture pieces as accents to a more chromatically neutral space, like a cedar deck that’s naturally weathered to a nice sylvan gray as pictured above.

But, are bold colors in an outdoor space to be thought of as separate to their use indoors? If so, why is there a difference?

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, everyone!



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Rob Jones

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