Colour variation…nothing could be more natural

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Colour variation is a topic I discuss with customers daily. It is important to understand that real hardwood floors are a natural product and as such, will exhibit a range of colour throughout the floor. This is not only natural, it is desirable.

Take Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring for example. I can’t tell you how many customers I’ve spoken with who are in the market excitedly shopping for luxurious new Brazilian Cherry floors (just like their neighbors) who mid-way through the purchase transaction ask “there’s not a lot of colour variation in this floor is there?” Yes, there is and there’s supposed to be. Brazilian Cherry is an extreme example as it is notorious for it’s wide range of colour but I do think colour variation is mistakenly associated with low quality for all wood products. This is simple not the case. Take a look at the photo of the Brazilian Cherry below. Look closely and notice the wide range of colour from plank to plank. For most, this is desirable and as you can see results in a great overall look.

Vanier Cosmopolitan Brazilian Cherry Natural

There is also the misconception that staining a product will eliminate of minimize colour variation. This is generally not the case as each piece absorbs the stain differently resulting in differing shades. That said, it does go a long way to mask knots, mineral streak and the like. Here is an example of the colour variation that can be found in a stained hardwood floor.

Dreya White Oak Burberry

Remember, variation is a big part of the natural beauty you bring to your home with real hardwood floors.



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