Decorating with Concrete Look Tiles

Modern design themes require modern materials. That includes your flooring too. While mainstays like wood and natural stone are versatile and come in lots of different looks, nothing compares to the cool, contemporary look of concrete. However, pouring concrete can be a messy, costly process. In some spaces, large expanses of solid or scored concrete floors may be a bit too austere as well.

Concrete look tiles offer the contemporary design element that you’re looking for with easier installation and a range of different looks from matte grey to bold, high-polish styles. They’re also much less permanent, so you won’t have to undertake a serious construction project if and when you want a new look for your home.

concrete look tiles

Use this guide to learn more about decorating with concrete look tiles in your home. They’re an excellent choice for updating a single room, renovating your whole home or creating a beautiful space for you and your family from the ground up.

What Are Concrete Look Tiles?

concrete look tiles
Salerno Urban Loft Collection – Porcelain Tile in Medium Gray / SKU: 15249876

Concrete look tiles are individual tiles used together to make up a larger expanse of flooring. Typically made of porcelain, these tiles come in a range of different tones, including modern matte styles, high-gloss designs and textured, distressed looks.

Why Choose Tiles Over Poured Floors?

Concrete is a modern mainstay when it comes to durable flooring materials. The fact is that pouring concrete in your home is a huge job. It’s not easy to switch to a different type of flooring down the road if you want another look, either.

If you love the look of concrete floors, but want something a little more versatile, concrete look tiles are an excellent choice. They’ll give you the modern touch you’re looking for without having to clear out your home so you can hire a crew to pour concrete!

Porcelain tiles are also cost-effective, durable and easy to install. What’s not to love?

What Design Styles Work with Concrete Look Tiles?

Not sure what styles can benefit from concrete look tiles? Here are a few common design schemes that can easily incorporate this smart look.

concrete look tiles
Salerno Porcelain Tile – Urban Concrete in Grey / SKU: 15191945

Modern Designs

Modern homes with sleek furniture and contemporary art are a prime candidate for the clean style of concrete look tiles.

Industrial Looks

Textured and distressed tiles play perfectly with industrial-inspired spaces to help you complete this unique look.

Minimalist Designs

Keep your spaces open and free from clutter with neutral tiles. They’ll blend in and add depth without stealing the show.

Transitional Design Schemes

White, off-white and neutral tiles make a great base for transitional, eclectic and Bohemian design schemes that mix and match contemporary and classic elements.

Where Can I Use Concrete Look Tiles?

You can use them in almost any space in your home. Here are some top ways to incorporate these stylish tiles into your home:

Choose tiles for entry areas. Easy-to-clean and super-sleek, concrete look tiles help you make a statement in your home beginning in your entry area. They’ll also work well in messy mud rooms.

Opt for tiles in the kitchen. Strong and sturdy, you can wipe down tiles so they look spotless in minutes. They’ll also pair well with modern stainless steel, black and crisp white appliances.

concrete look tiles
Salerno Porcelain Tile – Urban Concrete in Light / SKU: 15191944

Make concrete look tiles part of your design scheme in the living room or dining room. Paired with an area rug, these tiles are an excellent choice for designer-inspired spaces where you spend time with family and entertain friends and visitors.

Use them on bathroom walls. Tiles can create a stylish all-over look or be used to create a mosaic-style design. These tiles can also work to create elegant shower walls. Try pairing concrete look tiles with industrial bathroom fixtures.

Combine concrete look tiles with exposed brick for an industrial, rough-edged look. Neutral and distressed styles will complement existing exposed brick perfectly.

Use tiles on an accent wall or fireplace surround. Neutral matte styles blend in with your favorite furnishings, art and accessories easily.  

Benefits of the Concrete Look

Concrete look tiles have a number of advantages over other flooring materials, particularly for modern homes where limited maintenance is preferred. Below you’ll find some of the main benefits of using concrete look tiles when building a new home or renovating your current house.

Large Format Sizes Add Contemporary Depth to Your Décor

concrete look tiles
Cabot Porcelain Tile – Dimensions Series in Glacier / SKU: 15195151

24″ x 24″ porcelain tiles are an extremely popular choice when going for a concrete-like look. These large format tiles can help open up a small space and make larger rooms feel more refined and elegant.

Large format tiles also help to create a new visual pattern in your room that will work with all of your decorative elements. That’s something that solid poured concrete can’t offer unless you choose to have it scored during the installation process.

Installation is Simple

Pouring concrete is a serious job that requires a crew of trained professionals. It also means clearing out a ton of space in your home and protecting entry points and delicate items like furniture, art, rugs and accessories. In short, pouring concrete is a ton of work and a major inconvenience when you’re renovating or updating your home.

Concrete look tiles are easy to install. In fact, installing these tiles makes an excellent DIY project if you’ve got the time. Doing your own installation will also help you save money instead of hiring professionals.

Porcelain Tiles are Practically Waterproof

Made from porcelain, concrete look tiles have a very low water absorption rate, making them an ideal pick for wet spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and entry areas. They can even be used on accent walls in modern shower boxes to provide texture and depth.

Regular Maintenance is Fast and Easy

Extremely durable and unlikely to break, chip or ding, concrete look tiles are an excellent choice for busy homeowners and people with pets and kids. The fact that they’re very easy to clean and care for is the icing on the cake!

For regular cleaning, a little warm water is all you’ll really need to keep your concrete look tiles looking their best. Mix in a little vinegar or use a commercial porcelain tile cleaner for deep cleaning as needed.

Tips to Dress Up Your Concrete Look Tiles

Take your concrete look tiles to the next level and elevate your room design like a pro. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Add an area or throw rug to add more color, pattern and depth to your room design. Rugs with decorative details like fringe can help soften concrete look tile.
  • Go for a layered rug look for an eclectic or Bohemian-modern room design. To do this, you’ll want to layer small, thin rugs around your room to create a pattern that’s pleasing to the eye.
  • Try a glass-top coffee table for your family spaces or formal living room. They’ll create an extra layer of visual depth by allowing you to see the rug or your concrete look tiles below.

Concrete floors are for more than just your garage. Excellent for contemporary, transitional, vintage-inspired and truly eclectic spaces, we can help you find the perfect concrete look tiles for your building project or home renovation.

Reach out to our trained experts today so we can help you find the right finish and correct amount of flooring material for your room or whole home. We’ll even ship your concrete look tiles right to your door so you can get started on your installation as soon as possible.

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