Convertible Dining Spaces Outdoors and In

A convertible outdoor dining area is one of the more creative ways to flip how we perceive the uses for indoor and outdoor spaces. If you live in an area where you get to use your outside space more throughout the year, this can be an especially effective and novel way of maximizing the use of your home.


1. Japanese-style dining

Simple soft cushions that come together to form a mattress. A beautiful low black table-top that opens away to reveal a daybed. A few hints of the Far East from the Asian-style planters and exotic foliage transport you to a tranquil Japanese setting.

Source: via Sheryll on Pinterest


2. Dining by firelight

It’s a fireplace. It’s a coffee table. It’s a dining table. Whatever use you put it to, this unique set is a conversation piece as well as a focal point. On a nice summer evening with a round of cold drinks and warm company, this is the place to be.


3. Ping-pong dining table

Fancy a bit of recreation after dinner? Just clear away the plates and you’ve got fun times ahead. Easy to set up, this could be a guest favorite. Just don’t play with your food.

Source: via Kate on Pinterest


4. Saving space

This convertible dining table could work as well on an outdoor covered patio as in a tiny jam-packed apartment. Extend or take apart depending on your number of guests.

Source: via Jess on Pinterest


5. Dining table folds into coffee table

Here’s another space-conserving option that’s even easier to fold to the size you want. Note that white goes with pretty much everything!

Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest


6. Gaming table

This octagon works just fine for dining, where you’re never too far from your fellow guests. It’s also great for playing boardgames or card games on later, whether outside or in your basement recreation room.


7. Get Benched

It’s a robust-looking bench for your outdoor set, or a romantic dining table just for two. This cheerful invention is just made for mellow times, whether for reading a book or enjoying a cool glass of wine.

Source: via Caroline on Pinterest



Have you seen a unique convertible piece that you’d like to let people know about? This niche features some of the most inventive and original ideas out there. Leave a comment!

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