Converting Your Attic and Creating Space At Home

Last week, we talked a bit about how to convert an attic to help you redefine your space according to your needs. As we’ve talked about before on this humble blog, sometimes your dream house is actually the one you’re already in.

To help flesh out that idea, guest writer Phillipa Carr, who regularly writes for a firm in London that specializes in what the British call loft conversions, is here to offer a list of reasons that she’s identified to convert your attic instead of moving house. 



Many couples save up for years to purchase their dream home. For some, it is the last time that they will ever move. However, there are instances later in life where relocating to a different house might seem like a good idea. Although the idea of purchasing a new house might seem tempting, converting an attic into usable living space is often a much better idea.

Regardless of the reason for needing more space, homeowners should always consider the attic in their homes as an option for expansion. While moving takes families away from everything that is familiar, converting an attic allows a family to stay in the same neighborhood.

Creating space when you’re having another baby

One of the more common reasons why couples decide to move is the addition of a new family member. This is especially true for families that already have a child in the home. A baby needs a lot of space and having a separate room for a nursery is a necessity. Instead of packing up an entire house and moving to a home with more bedrooms, families could easily convert the attic into a master bedroom for the parents or a room for an older sibling.

Dealing with teenagers by creating space

Sometimes having a teenager in the home can make parents feel as if they suddenly have more children. Teenagers often take up more space in the home and frequently bring over their friends. Parents of teenagers can benefit from converting their attic into an extra bedroom or den for their teenagers to hang out. This distances the teens from the parents and helps to give the teenager a sense of independence.

Starting a business

Even single homeowners can benefit from renovating an attic space. Every year, thousands of individuals decide to start their own business. These ventures take up a lot of space when you consider the need for filing documents and setting up computer equipment. Some entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars each month to rent a small office space. Others may relocate to a home with space for a home office. However, an attic conversion is a prime space for operating a home-based business.

Converting your space

Homeowners thinking about an attic renovation should keep several considerations in mind. From a contractor’s perspective, the following are important factors for an attic conversion to be a success:

o Is the space easily accessible? Will inside or outside stairs fit the home?
o Is there adequate electrical wiring to the attic?
o What level of insulation is needed for the ceiling and floors?

Even if there is a problem with one of these issues before the beginning of construction, a properly trained contractor can help a homeowner to overcome that obstacle. Homeowners should start thinking about these issues ahead of time to ensure they have a sufficient budget for the attic conversion.

Moving is not the only solution for a person who needs some more space in their home. Many attics go completely unused when they could be custom renovated to the specifications of the homeowner. An attic conversion can save a homeowner the cost of relocation while also increasing the future resale value of a home.


Thanks, Phillipa!

This article comes from Phillipa Carr, representing, Charles Henderson Loft Conversions & House Extensions – the perfect choice for loft conversions West London.





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