Cool Backyard Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

Many homeowners fail to utilise their  outdoor living space to its full potential, many conform to the tradition of littering it with shrubs and flowerbeds which they fail to maintain, and usually end up with a space which consists of a mass of dying leaves. But outdoor living spaces are so much more than a place which amplifies your hay fever symptoms; they can be a place to indulge in some of your favourite activities in the fresh air.

Exterior traditional patio

Backyard golf putting green

Residential putting greens are a popular outdoor hobby; you can practice your putts without having to leave the comfort of your own home. It’s an excellent solution for everyone; you can play at your own leisure and don’t have to book a slot to play! You can also teach other family members your much-loved hobby and engage in some friendly competition.

Redmond Golf traditional landscape
traditional landscape design by seattle landscape architect kim E. rooney

Residential putting greens demonstrate just how great gardens can be for practicing hobbies. All you need is a selection of golf equipment and you’re set! You could even host golfing parties and mini-tournaments at your home, making it an excellent ice-breaker for entertaining guests.

Outdoor living space for growing your own food

Growing your own food can be a fun and rewarding activity that all the family can get involved in. You’ll have more motivation to maintain your food plots rather than your flowerbeds as you look forward to the tasty treat at the end of it! It can also be an excellent way to get outdoors and fill your lungs with fresh air whilst burning calories. It’s far better than purchasing your vegetables from the supermarket; you save money on your grocery shopping and more importantly, you know where your crops have been grown.

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Gardening and harvesting your own crops can also encourage healthy eating; you’ll enjoy eating your own produce and feel a sense of achievement with each successful batch. It can help your family to reach their five-a-day intake too and teach your children about eco-friendly farming. There are so many different types of fruit and vegetables to be grown in the garden, you can choose which you want to farm according to your palette. The beauty of growing your own produce is that you don’t necessarily have to own a large garden; you could even start with potted herbs if you’re a gardening novice!

Swimming pools and outdoor living

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area which is blessed with plenty of sunshine, then a swimming pool is an excellent outdoor living design idea. You can use it for relaxation, exercise or parties! The beauty of an outdoor pool is that there’s fun to be had for adults and children alike. For children it can be used to host a pool party for their birthdays, simply incorporate fun games with prizes at the end; for adults, purchase some outdoor speakers and a mini-bar and you have a pool to suit the whole family’s needs!


The convenience of having a swimming pool at home will encourage you and your family to exercise in the sunshine. Swimming is great for a full body workout and is one of the more recommended forms of exercise for those with disabilities such as arthritis. You could also teach your children to swim through fun games and using inflatable safety rings.

Outdoor living space entertainment areas

A backyard can be an excellent place to entertain, particularly in the summer. Barbeques and garden parties are far more enjoyable than dining inside on a sunny day, but entertaining guests in plastic deckchairs isn’t the best way to impress. If you’re a regular host/hostess then it may be worth dedicating an area of your garden purely for entertaining.

Along with some comfortable luxurious outdoor dining furniture, a water feature can really create a relaxing ambience which is perfect for evening entertaining. Outdoor speakers are also a must-have for entertaining; you can even purchase them in the style of a rock to blend in with your rockery. Finally, get rid of those boring deckchairs and replace them with some stylish outdoor seating; if you love to read then a hammock is the ultimate piece of furniture, perfect for enjoying your garden alone.

As spring descends on us, it’s time to think about spending more time in the garden. If you’re guilty of neglecting the garden due to its poor design or lack of maintenance then make 2012 the year to change and get outside more!

What will you be using your garden for this spring? Share in the comments below!

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