Cool For Cats: Furniture To Keep Your Cat Happy

kitten cat on a bed

I love my cat. She’s my baby and I can’t imagine my life without her. I try to do my best to satisfy her needs: great food, lots of pets, a laser pointer to chase, and places to perch (cats are natural climbers and like to watch over their territory from up high). I mean, we don’t call it the Great And Glorious Preeya Empire for nothing!

Obviously, I’m not the only crazy cat person on this planet. Plenty of other people, including designers, enjoy their feline friends just as much as I do. So I scoured the web (because, hey, I love the scour the web to find interesting things for you!) and discovered cool, interesting and design-friendly furniture and items built with your favourite kitty in mind.

The CATable

This table, presented at the Milan Design Week 2014 by Ruan Hao, joins great design and cat love. The hollowed-out inside section is literally a cat playground. It can’t guarantee the safety of your glass of water (cats are famous for knocking things off tables), but it might keep your cat occupied for long enough for you to finish drinking it!

Cat drinking fountain

Do you miss your high school drinking fountain, the one with the button and the awkward bending over to drink? Well, since you can use a glass now, why not give the drinking fountain to your cat? This fountain designed by Catastrophic Creations (posh designs for the demanding kitty!) is all you need. It screws to the wall and just needs to be plugged in. At $1250 (made on order), let’s hope your cat really, really likes water!

upside down cat

Steampunk cat tunnel

If you are of the steampunk persuasion, maybe you’ll get inspired by this awesome steampunk cat tunnel, designed by Oakland’s Because We Can for a private home. As I mentioned earlier, cats love to be up high, so this tunnel is perfect for an active and curious kitty to explore. Even cats can enjoy the design subtleties of a steampunk decor!

Kitty chaise lounge

If your cat wasn’t spoiled enough with cat trees, cat beds, couches, beds, and pretty much everywhere they sleep, well, you can get it some extra luxury: a just-for-cat chaise lounge.

Sold by Dot&Bo, this piece of cat furniture is everything a lover of modern design wants: angular design, stainless legs, a modern color, and, best of all, a pretty place where you cat can sleep. Maybe. (Or maybe it’ll prefer the box it came in… who knows!)

Cat wheel

Because deep down, don’t you wish your cat was a little more like a hamster? This original cat toy (game? exercise machine? thing?), made by Catswall, also has great design–and a useful purpose too. If you cat tends to have the zoomies (what we call it when Preeya starts running around randomly around the living room), maybe it’ll like to spend its energy in the cat wheel.

And who knows, maybe one day you can harvest the energy and run your computer on the electricity generated by your cat(s)!

sleeping cat sofa

Cat couchette

Speaking of multipurpose, what is made of recycled cardboard, has a great modern design, serves as a scratching board AND sleeping space?

Why, the Couchette by Kittypod!

I mean, I’m not so sure about spending over $200 for a scratching board, but if the cat can sleep in it too, I guess it’s worth it! Keep a vacuum close, though, because those cardboard scratching pads make a bit of a mess.

Cat sofa

All right, if any of this isn’t luxurious or exclusive enough for you, here’s the best, crème de la crème, European-designed pet furniture for the discerning (and wealthy) pet owner: Chimère Paris.

This exclusive, uber-modern cat sofa is made to order with your choice of finishing. The fabrics and materials are all top-quality–not that your cat will care. But you will when it starts scratching it!

Decor for your pet?

Have you ever made an extravagant purchase or design choice for your cat (or dog)? Share your pet design stories with us in the comments!

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