Cool Garden Paths That Are Off The Beaten Path

While you might think that all garden paths are created equal, you’d be wrong. In fact, we’ve found a collection of 10 cool, unique and creative garden paths that are simply cooler than the rest and featured them in the gallery below. Enjoy!


Wood Slabs

Kicking off the list as one of our personal favorites, this backyard garden has taken wood slabs of all diameters and tiled them in a way that creates full, sturdy ground coverage. For as great as this looks, it’s a really cheap way to achieve a rustic and unique garden path that will be remembered.

Daisy Mosaic

If you have more elaborate tastes than the simple wood slabs above, this mosaic themed path offers a grand alternative for the more detail-oriented individuals. As you can see, embedded between the larger flat stones, the designer has inserted some very cute daisy-like elements that make this garden path stand out amongst the rest.

Wave Mosaic

Continuing with the trend of intricate garden paths, here is another mosaic pathway that absolutely pops amongst the surrounding ground cover. This time, rather than flowers, the designer has used the effect of ocean waves to create a very cool garden path with an attractive organic flow.

Glow in the Dark Pebbles

We’re willing to bet that you’ve never seen anything like this next garden path. While it’s made of seemingly mundane stone and pebbles, like many others, it just so happens to use extremely unique glow in the dark pebbles to create a design element like no other.

Glass Bottles

For those that care to up-cycle used materials, check out this very cool garden path that has been constructed solely from used glass bottles. Of course, it may take awhile to collect the bottles necessary to create such a path but the results will be worth the effort.

Colorful Wood Siding

In another display of up-cycling, this cool garden path uses old but colorful wood siding to create a slightly vintage, slightly rustic garden path with character. Although this might not be the most durable solution for the long-term, it’s likely an expensive option for now.

Staggered & Curved Brick

Taking a nontraditional spin on the more traditional brick garden path, here’s a great example of what a little creativity can achieve. Despite the fact that brick has been done, the both curved and staggered configuration of the design makes for a fresh use of a not-so-fresh material.

Staggered Moss & Stone

Yet another example of using traditional materials in nontraditional ways, this staggered stone and moss garden path is an attractive execution of the less is more mantra. While there may not be anything too wacky about the materials used, the clean lines and contrasting mixed materials help it to stand up against the rest.

Japanese Garden Path

Although this garden path is constructed simply of treated planks of wood, it’s the attention to detail between the planks that earns it its cool factor. Reminiscent of something you’d find in a Japanese garden, the contrasting white stones and the calculated placement of the smaller shrubs growing in the cracks is what gives it its signature appeal.

Large and Small Stone

And finally, here’s a very cool garden path that manages to appear as if it’s mixed materials, despite the fact that it’s all made of stone. Although it’s lined with pebbles for designer accent, the path itself juxtaposes large strips of stone against smaller segments to give it a unique texture and cool path status.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of some of the coolest garden paths – as you can see, with a little imagination, even something as simple as a garden walkway can be turned into something unique.

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