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I’m on a bit of a fence when it comes to cool, techie gadgets. On the one hand, I don’t think we need all that technology to lead better lives (the only thing they lead to, in my opinion, is busier lives). On the other hand, if had the budget, I’d get my hands on every gadget that seems remotely useful. So, in trying to reach a balance, I only spend good money when it’s really, really worth it.

But what’s certainly free is browsing the internet looking for the coolest, newest or most intriguing gadgets I can find… and then sharing those gadgets with you.

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Gadgets for the kitchen

I’m a fairly good cook and a newbie baker, so I love to learn about new gadgets that could make cooking easier, faster and cleaner. And as someone with a fairly sizeable sweet tooth (we can talk about my candy addiction one of these days), one thing I like to make are desserts.

This is why this awesome cake batter dispenser is just the best thing ever.

No-mess cupcakes! No heavy bowl awkwardly held with the left hand while you try to control the flow of batter with a spoon in the right! IT’S A MIRACLE!

If you like to drink water in bottles (a reusable one, right?) but can never manage to keep it cold with ice, here’s your ice-saver, as it were:

These ice cubes are molded into the perfect shape and size to fit in a plastic water bottle or your favourite reusable metal bottle.

Although it’s not a thing yet (it’s just a concept), the inventor of this glass-paned toaster that lets you look at your toast while it cooks certainly has some intriguing ideas.

And since it’s now fall, you’re probably making tons of stews and soups in your crock-pot. So how about letting it cook at work so you get a delicious, freshly made lunch?

Everyone will be so jealous.

Gadgets for the home office

I also spend a lot of time in my home office, so anything to make my time there more comfortable and/or productive is welcome.

First, home painters will have nothing on you once you get the sticky note painter roller.

Don’t worry: there’s no risk of permanent damage to your walls if your kids get a hold of this. Just peel it off the surface!

As a short person (I’m barely 5’1″), I have always needed to lift my feet off the floor while sitting in office chairs–mostly because they don’t always reach down. So I might splurge on one of these feet hammocks to replace my uncomfortable plastic stool.

Aaaah. I can already feel the relief in my legs.

If you like to snack (or eat, in my case) at your desk but always end up with crumbs all over your papers and keyboard, here’s the perfect solution: a USB mini-vaccuum.

Aside from being just too adorable, it’s a great way to stop the crumbs before they make it between your keys.

Sadly, I can’t seem to find this product for sale anywhere anymore, so here’s an alternative. It’ll look more boring, but it’ll work the same.

And one last one for the hipsters: USB typewriters that can be connected to your iPad or computer.

If you need the noisy tap-a-tap noise of a bygone era to feel the inspiration for your next novel but can’t bear to think of all the trees for the paper, this seems like a reasonable solution.

Gadgets for the bathroom

Now, gadgets may seem less obvious for bathrooms, but there are quite clever little thingamabobs that can make your mornings easier… or at least more fun.

If you can’t separate yourself from your phone but can’t rationally bring it in the shower, get a bluetooth shower speaker that also serves as a hands-free device.

I mean, if taking calls in the shower is your idea of a more productive morning, go right ahead! You can also just listen to your music. That’s fine too.

If you wax nostalgic about high school water fountains or just want a clean solution when you need a quick sip instead of dirtying a glass, there’s a nifty little water fountain gadget for taps you can use.

I can only imagine the hundreds of funny cat videos that this gadget could provide.

Last but not least, here’s the gadget of my dream, the ultimate bath caddy that caters to three of my favourite things: baths, reading, and wine.

I don’t think this needs anymore words.

… oh yes, just 6 more.


Did you make any gadget discoveries lately? Share them with our community!

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