Cool, Practical And Funny Accessories For Wine Lovers

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wine in the sunshine

If you like wine, you’ll like this short selection of cool, funny and practical accessories for your home.


“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Gosh, I love wine. Red, rosé, white, bubbly or flat, I love the acidity and the sweetness of wine; I love its color in the sun or under a candle. I love how wine comes in so many shades and tastes, how there’s a bottle that’s perfect for every person, every occasion and every meal.

I also like the effect of wine when I drink it, but that’s another story.

Wine is a $300 billion US industry worldwide. That’s a lot money; that’s a lot of cork and glass and, of course, a lot of grapes and their sweet, sweet nectar once they have been casked and left to ferment. And to increase your enjoyment of wine, there are plenty of cool, practical and funny accessories you can get.

Here are some of my favourite suggestions for wine lovers everywhere.

Wine glasses: drink and enjoy!

Getting this Wine Bottle Glass might be an indication that you have a problem… or just love wine very much. I’m of the latter persuasion. Or it can be a funny joke for a bachelorette party or a baby shower (because what mom doesn’t need to survive the day?). No matter the reason, you’ll look more classy than drinking directly from the bottle.

If you like to drink wine on the patio or to try new wines on the go while traveling, the GoVino shatterproof glasses are perfect. They reflect the light just like a regular glass, but they won’t break it you drop them on hard patio tiles. They’re made of a food-safe flexible polymer. They’re also recyclable!

If, like me, the amount of wine you pour yourself at the end of the day is a direct indication of how you feel, you will want to get your hands on this Good Day, Bad Day, Don’t Even Ask wine glass. Now your partner can get instant feedback on how your day went, without even having to ask. (Disclaimer: we believe in good communication between couples. A wine glass is not a good replacement for a proper discussion.)

Openers, aerators, stoppers: all about that bottle

Like to drink wine, but you always seem to end up losing half your bottle because you put it away and forget about it for the next time? Try the best-selling Vacu Vin Wine Saver, a clever instrument that pumps away the air that causes degradation in the wine, and stops your bottle at the same time. Never lose a drop of delicious wine again!

If opening bottles is the bane of your existence (and can’t figure out how to make the shoe technique work (video in French)), an electric wine bottle opener might be helpful. For the price, it’s a really practical device, as long as you don’t over-work it.

Any good wine lover knows to let wines breathe a little while before serving it. This step enhances the wine’s aromas. But if you’re short on time, you can always pour your wine through an aerator, which does basically the same thing. Here’s a well-reviewed aerator that often comes on sale for a fraction of its list price.

Wine racks: if you like to go on wine shopping sprees

Although I personally cannot let a bottle of wine go undrunk, some people just like to have a good collection at hand for every occasion. That’s when a wine rack comes in handy.

This decorative scroll wine rack is pretty for the more traditional homeowner; the elegant curves also make a great contrast to more angular kitchen decors.

Great for an island or when you have lots of counter space, this bouquet wine rack displays six bottles like a flower. A flower of delicious wine.

And if space is a problem, you can hang this wall-mounted wine rack, which also holds corks and four wine glasses.

All equipped for wine

What do you consider essential for drinking wine? Which accessory can’t you live without? Let me know in the comments, and remember this quote from Thomas Aquinas:

“Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine.”


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