Cork Flooring Expansion: New Ways To Transform Your Space

cork flooring living room

Cork flooring has been a go-to choice in residential floor surfaces for many reasons. First, they’re environmentally-friendly. Cork oak bark is harvested by hand, and does no damage to the cork oak tree from which it is made. And cork flooring is a recycled, post-industrial product of the cork oak bark as well. On the eco-friendly spectrum, that’s pretty green, folks.

Second, cork floors are naturally warm, retaining heat because of their molecular make-up. And third, cork flooring is impact-resistant, and naturally dampens sound. Are you still looking for that perfect floor for the kids’ rooms, or the basement? Cork floors may be the one to look into for these reasons alone.

Here at BuildDirect late last week, we’d expanded our lines of cork flooring. So, let’s take a look at them, in order to show you how we’ve expanded the vista of design possibilities for you to consider in a modern, eco-friendly floor.

The lines of traditional cork floors give you those whorls and natural swirls that make cork flooring unique.

(from the top L: “Patchwork”, “Peppercorn”, “All Spice”, “Butcher Block”, “Sassafrass”, and “Sea Salt”. Click images to view them in full.)

A second line of cork flooring, called the natural collection of cork floors expands the color spectrum, while still giving you that distinct cork floor patterning.

(From top L: “Natural”, “Cinnamon”, “Dark Knight”, and “Truffle”. Click the images to view them in full.)

Finally, the innovative wood design collection gives you the benefits of cork with the look and feel of wood floor planks.

(From top L: “Angelic”, “Crown”, “Ginger”, and “Nutmeg”. Click the images to view them in full.)

Let us know if you’ve got any questions about any of these. And look for even more cork flooring choices coming up in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can browse for cork flooring of all of these varieties to find out about warranty information, pricing, and more.



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