Cork Flooring Saves the Day!

This weekend was my daughter Maya’s birthday party.  Well one of them – she had three, one for each year of her life as it turns out.  The first was just the three of us; Maya, my wife, and me.  We took Maya to Knotty Toys on Granville Island to get her a dollhouse, and generally spend the day with her.  The second happened at Maya’s daycare. This third one was the Family Edition, meaning that she was one of many children leaping and cavorting around our house, while the grown-ups sipped their drinks and had cheese and crackers, while waiting for the main course.

Rob and MayaAll the while, I was ferrying myself between the kitchen and the living room, bringing in plates of food, drinks to guests, and a myriad of other assorted things necessary for the well-being of all, party-wise.  Needless to say, there was a lot of chaos.  I put on some Chet Baker to provide a counterbalance. Not even Chet had an effect.

We don’t have a big house, at least not one proportional to the size of our family.  So, space was at a premium, not that this made much difference to my daughter and her cousins, racing as they were from one room to another, darting around the legs of furniture and people at breakneck speeds.  At one point, they decided to employ Maya’s impressive arsenal of percussion instruments (a plastic bass drum, a toy piano, maracas, bells, sticks, tambourines, castanets, etc.) to ‘have a parade’.  Cute, very cute.  Loud, but cute.  It was a fun time, despite the chaos.

But, it was not without its dangers.

One of the objects most important to an event like this of course is a digital camera, and many pictures were taken.  Mine was being charged on the food table, with a long cable attached to an outlet. As I mentioned, space was at a premium.  So, when the ‘parade’ came around, and a little foot (not sure who’s) wrapped around the cable, the laws of physics didn’t miss a beat.  Down went my camera, off the table, and hurtling toward the floor.

Luckily, we’ve got cork flooring.

Cork as you know holds many benefits. You’ve read about them in countless articles.  Maybe you’ve read about it on this blog, or in our cork flooring articles section, or somewhere else.  But, here was a real life example of how cork flooring saved my Canon four-pixel camera.  The camera hit the floor, and the cork absorbed most of the shock, and my camera was saved, if a little shaken (like its owner).

By the time Maya opened one of her gifts, a chest of ‘princess clothes’ given her by her Gramm, all of the kids got in on the act, putting on costumes and posing for pictures.  I was able to participate in picture taking, thanks in part to my cork flooring that saved the day.



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