Cork Flooring Serves Young and Old

As I mentioned in my ‘about me’ video blog entry, when I first started here at BuildDirect three years ago I had a lot to learn about building materials.  But, this was kind of exciting to be in a position to learn a lot of new, and useful, histories, tips, applications, and methodologies.

Around the same time I signed on here, we were about to launch our lines of cork flooring, Evora cork.  So, I had some reading to do, and some writing too.  At that time, we didn’t have a blog, but we had our BuildDirect University section which I helped to create.  After all, we figured that there were a number of people out there just like me; homeowners who didn’t really know much about flooring, yet knew what they needed that flooring to be able to do.  So, my research was meant for everyone’s benefit.

In any case, cork flooring was very interesting to me for many reasons.  And one of the most fascinating things about it was that it remains to be a popular material for the entire spectrum of life. By this, I mean that cork flooring is popular in nurseries and kids’ rooms on one end of the scale, but also for places like retirement homes and other interiors frequented by the elderly.

The Cork oak tree, which flourishes in Portugal, is the source of the lion’s share of global cork.  The bark is harvested from individual trees every 9 years to preserve the species.  Harvesting, done carefully by hand, does no harm to the tree.

The part of this which caught my attention was that the popularity in these seemingly disparate locations is largely for the same reasons.  Kids are still finding their feet, and being unsteady on their pins, this often causes them to take tumbles.  The elderly are also concerned about falls.  Cork flooring is often chosen in these areas for it’s cushioning properties, for falling objects, and falling people too. Even in between childhood and golden age, cork is a popular choice for exercise rooms frequented by all ages, where a impact absorption is a benefit for those working out.

I think it’s kind of cool that cork meets the needs of people at opposite ends of the age spectrum, as well as the years in between.  In this, it’s easy to see why the use of cork has paralleled the course of human history so closely.



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