Cork floors for baby’s room

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Here at BuildDirect, there is a trend which is seemingly on the rise.  We’re having more kids!  I can think of at least three employees who are ramping up for parenthood for the first time.  And one guy, Jamie Bardsley, who is right behind me as I type (and looking surprisingly well-rested…), has just ushered his second child into this funny old world of ours.

A big part of having kids is the nesting ritual.  And the idea of having your life transformed by the addition of another member of the family often manifests in transforming your living space too.  It stands to reason!


The newest BuildDirect family member: Little Will Bardsley, commercial sales department.

Here’s an article about installing cork floors  in the nursery in order to take advantage of a number of benefits for which cork flooring is famous.  First, cork keeps the warmth in.  Second, it tends to reduce noise, which makes for a more peaceful environment for baby’s sleep (and therefore, parents’ sleep too).  And thirdly, the cork floor is easily cleaned, which makes for better air quality when it comes to dust and other assorted allergens.

Finally, cork floors  are a sustainable choice which is becoming more and more of a going concern.  In this new century of ours, it makes sense to start off the next generation with the kinds of materials that represent sustainability best practices.   Successful parenting starts with setting good habits, right?  Whatever this might mean to you, cork floors certainly present a compelling option.



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