Cork from Portugal with Rob Schneider: “Save Miguel”

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Here’s a video which outlines something of the cork industry, and talks a bit about how sustainable cork is.  And the video stars SNL alumnus Rob Schneider, who isn’t trapped in the body of a sorority girl, possessed by animals, nor is he portraying an unlikely gigolo either, I promise.  Take a look:

For more information about “Save Miguel”, take a look at the Save Miguel website. According to the site, a harvested cork oak is better able to absorb C02, which lessens the effects of greenhouse gasses. Further, cork oaks are a part of a working eco-system of dependent animals and plants.  I suppose the main point being made is that if the species is fostered through industry, the health of individual trees is likely to be higher.

The wine industry is the main driver here for this campaign.  More specifically, the company Amorim in Portugal who makes wine corks and is active in the promotion of cork as a sustainable material.   But, of course we know that wine isn’t the only use for cork.

And for a bit more information, check out this article which references the campaign, which has been undertaken to raise awareness of the value of cork forests, to promote the idea of buying ‘green’ wine bottles and other products, and to continue to protect the practice of cork bark harvesting.



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