Cork Harvesting In Portugal Preserves Traditions and Trees

Harvesting cork is more than just a process – it’s a grand tradition.  And these days, it’s one which dovetails nicely with the idea that environments should be preserved.  Here’s a cool article from the BBC about harvesting cork, mostly in the context of the wine industry.

Cork oak treesCork flooring, which is what we deal in around here at BuildDirect when it comes to the industry, is actually a bi-product of the older wine industry.  Well, we deal in the wine industry too.  Y’know; non-professionally.

But, I digress.

Part of what the article addresses is the misconceptions people have of the cork industry, and with natural wood products in general.   A lot of people are surprised to learn that the trees which produce cork are still standing by the end of the process, preserved not just to keep the industry going, but also to protect the local eco-systems.  The cork oak tree is an important species, giving shelter to local wildlife, and also maintaining the integrity of the soil with their deep root systems.

Other than that, it’s a great little article that will give you a general overview of where cork flooring comes from, and a little bit about the people who make it happen too.  Be sure to watch the video attached to the article too.



Harvested cork oak trees image courtesy of  PhillipC

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