Could a Winter Renovation Save You Money?

winter renovation

Are you thinking of doing a home renovation or building project? Although many people plan their home renovations for the summer months, renovating in the winter might actually save you some money. If you’re thinking about a home renovation, learn why you should consider doing it in the fall or winter season.

Slow Season for Contractors and Designers


People have a variety of reasons why they might wait for spring or summer to start their renovation project. Some may require nicer weather to complete the project. Others may have to wait until they get a tax return in the spring to have the money necessary for their project. Others do it simply because that’s the only time they have available. Since so many people schedule their home renovations for warmer months, contractors and designers are typically fully booked during this time, and finding time in their schedule for your project may be difficult.

However, as fall and winter roll around, contractors and designers often have more availability in their schedule. Since contractors have less work, they’ll likely be flexible with their schedules, and you’ll have your pick of days to complete your project. This makes it easier to get everything completed in a time frame that works for you.

Plus, when contractors have a slow down in work, it has repercussions down the line. The government agencies that deal with approving permits also see a decrease in work. With fewer permits to look over and less work to do, these agencies tend to get permits approved faster than usual, which helps your project get started right on time.

Holiday Sales and Promotions

Planning a home renovation during winter could help you save money in a variety of ways. First, along with a more flexible schedule, less work for contractors during the winter months also means they might be more willing to negotiate prices and work out special rates. Additionally, a winter renovation could mean big savings on the retail side of your project.

New models and inventory usually arrive in stores during the beginning of the year. To prepare for this new product, retailers often reduce prices and offer end-of-season sales on the old product. As a result, you can sometimes find great deals on furniture and appliances. Stores know that consumers are also more likely to tighten their budgets after the holidays. Therefore, if you can time your renovation right, you might be able to wait until after Christmas to take advantage of the major markdowns retailers offer during this time.

Plus, it’s not just the retail side that offers discounts. Construction supplies and materials, such as lumber, fixtures, and flooring, are typically also a little cheaper during the winter months because demand from contractors has decreased. If you look out for sales on these building supplies, you can usually save some good money on your overall renovation budget.

Interior or Exterior?

When you’re deciding whether or not to plan a renovation in the winter, it sometimes depends on whether you’re planning an interior or exterior job. Obviously, interior jobs are much easier to complete during the winter since you won’t have to worry about weather complicating the projects and your budget. If you’re planning to remodel the attic into livable space, winter is a great time to do it because you won’t have to worry about working in the sweltering heat.

Winter is also a good time to take care of small indoor projects, such as installing new tile in the bathroom, repainting the walls, laying new flooring throughout your house, and replacing the appliances in the kitchen. However, you also have certain considerations you need to keep in mind when you’re planning interior renovations. For example, if you’ll be hosting a large family meal or expecting company for the holidays, you might want to start a kitchen renovation after everyone has left.

While you might not think that exterior renovations will work during the winter months, you do have some possibilities to consider. Although painting your house when you might be dealing with freezing temperatures or rain won’t work, building a deck or porch before it snows is possible.

Great Excuse to Take a Vacation!

Many people plan to take vacations during the winter months so they can visit family around the holidays. If you have plans to travel this winter, scheduling a home renovation while you’re away is an ideal option. First, you get to avoid the disruptions to your daily life that naturally come along with a renovation process. You also won’t have to deal with the dust, mess, and noise. This will help reduce the stress that many homeowners deal with during a renovation.

Finally, if you plan a trip during your renovation, you get to leave the house with the old or outdated design, and then come back to a fresh, new living space. Even if you’re not planning on a vacation during the winter, you can still put together a short getaway during your renovation to take advantage of lower hotel and flight prices during the slow travel season.

Dry Air Speeds Up the Process

Even though you can’t tackle certain outdoor renovations because of weather conditions that are less than ideal, winter is actually a good time to start other projects, such as an addition. It’s much easier to dig a foundation and pour concrete footers when the ground is frozen and the air is dry. If you wait until spring or summer, you’ll have to deal with muddy ground and high humidity, which could add several days and higher costs to your renovation budget.

Additionally, if you get the foundation completed and the room framed in before the rainy spring season starts, the space is already under cover and protected. This means you’ll have to deal with fewer rain delays when no one can work on the project.

If you’re planning a home renovation and looking for the best time to do it, consider all the advantages you can get with a winter renovation.



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