Winter Kitchen Design Trends

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Winter can be a great time to change the look of your home, especially if you’ve been thinking about making over your kitchen. If you’ve been wanting to make your kitchen feel cozier and more inviting, there are several excellent décor trends you can choose to achieve this look.

By making the right style choices, you can update the look and feel of your kitchen and turn it into your favorite room in your home. Here are some cozy winter kitchen décor trends to keep in mind for your next home improvement project.

Create a Woodland Getaway

Winter Kitchen Design

For many of us, the words “winter” and “cozy” conjure up images of a forest cabin and a roaring fire. Although you likely don’t want to add a fireplace to your winter kitchen design, you can make a few small design adjustments that will make your kitchen feel like a relaxing woodland retreat.

The key to creating this forested look is using dark colors and rustic décor in your kitchen. Rich red, orange, and purple coloring will give the impression of a forest on the cusp of winter, and natural hewn wood and country-style rugs and carpets will give the image of a kitchen that would feel right at home in a rustic cabin. Adding these features will give your kitchen a cozy feel that will make winter much more enjoyable.

All White Everything

Winter Kitchen Design

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Nothing says winter like a blanket of freshly fallen snow. If you can’t get enough of this all-white look, then creating a white kitchen is a great idea. Contrary to what you may have heard, white kitchens are still in vogue. This means giving your kitchen this fresh, clean look will put your home on the cutting edge of style.

An all-white kitchen provides a modern look that so many homeowners love. Once you’ve created this uniform look, you can make a few small adjustments to improve the room’s coziness. If you have a kitchen island, for instance, you could paint one wall of the island in a contrast color such as cream or gray. Putting down a few throw rugs or decorating your countertops are other great, easy options to make your all-white kitchen feel warmer and more inviting.

Pendant Lighting

Jasper Engineered Hardwood – Arizona Collection / SKU: 15000649

Installing pendant lighting is one of the hottest trends in kitchen design and can be an excellent choice if you want to make this room in your home feel cozier. The great thing about pendant lighting is that it creates a focal point in your kitchen, which forms a feeling of coziness by pulling your attention to the center of the room.

Hanging this lighting over the kitchen island will create an intimate space in the middle of the room that you’ll love. Whether you’re enjoying a glass of wine, eating a meal with friends, or reading a few chapters in your favorite book, pendant lighting will provide the relaxed atmosphere that you want and deserve.

Hunter Green Accents

Painting your kitchen in hunter green is another hot design trend you will see in kitchens across the country this winter. Hunter green is a very warm color that can make any kitchen feel more comfortable. You can paint your entire kitchen in this popular color, or you can add it to your cabinets or a contrast wall.

If you want to get the most out of this color, you can pair it with wood features for a more classic, inviting appearance that will make your kitchen your go-to hosting space.

Add Some Greenery


If you want a simple solution for making your kitchen cozier this winter, you should consider adding some plants to this space. During the winter, green plant life is hard to find unless you take a trip to your local greenhouse. Adding a few potted plants to your kitchen will make the interior of your home feel like spring, even when there’s a driving snowstorm outside. Filling your kitchen with plants will give it a warm feel that will have you spending most of your free time in this room during the winter.

Use Natural Lighting

Getting your kitchen lighting right is the key in creating a cozy feel. While you’ll definitely want some electric lights in your kitchen, using natural light whenever possible is a simple solution to create a cozier atmosphere. When you’re hanging out in your kitchen in the evening, you can leave the overhead lights off and illuminate the room using candles. Lighting a few candles will create a sense of intimacy and relaxation that you’ll want every single day.

Update Your Technology

Installing new technology — while it won’t make your kitchen any cozier — is a décor trend you should keep under consideration. More homeowners are adding high-end tech features to their kitchen, and hopping onto this bandwagon is a good choice. Features such as Wi-Fi-capable appliances, wine fridges with pouring features, and smart cooktops can improve the utility of your kitchen and make hosting your friends and family easy and stress-free.

Before the winter season arrives, you should think about updating your kitchen with a few trendy winter design options. Taking the time to choose the right features for your kitchen will make the room much cozier, transforming it into the centerpiece of your home.

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