Create The Cabin Life Look Even In The City

There’s nothing like snuggling up in front of a fire with a steaming cup of hot chocolate in a cozy cabin in the woods. Even if a rustic existence is out of your reach, you can still enjoy the charms if living in a cabin — yes, even if you live in a big city.

For cabin-style comfort, incorporate the following elements into your home.

Distressed wood floors

Wood flooring is a hallmark of cabins, but not every kind gives you that authentic rustic feeling. Distressed wood flooring in handscraped styles is a salute to the past. To make the look even more genuine, choose fairly wide boards, which speak to a time when harvested trees were older and when life in general moved at a slower pace. If you want to go wood all the way, you can also use it for wall paneling.

cabin life rustic distressed wood floor

Unexpected colors

Step into any family cabin that has been around for a few decades and you’ll note that many of the items are hand-me-downs collected over time. Things come together that you wouldn’t normally see side by side, yet the overall effect is superbly homey.

When choosing colors, aim mostly for soft hues and neutral tones, but don’t be afraid to add bright surprises like colorful open shelves or quirky window coverings.


Even if your home is fairly new, you can use a few interior design tricks to make it look like it has weathered the ages. Look for old-fashioned plumbing fixtures, distressed cabinets, and other features that take a step away from the ultra-modern fashions that are so popular today.

The right lighting fixtures can go a long way toward giving your home that rustic cabin look. A chandelier made of antlers (real or faux) or wall sconces that look like gas lamps are nice touches. Even a lampshade with a forest scene on it can contribute to the old-fashioned woodsy atmosphere.

A stone fireplace

A big fireplace occupied by a merry blaze is the perfect setting for chatting with the family, singing songs, or cuddling up with a classic book. Frame your fireplace with a mix-up of stones set together with recessed grout for an appealing non-uniform look. A raised hearth makes for the ideal place to warm the hands after an outdoor winter adventure.

Elegant touches of stone can go beyond the fireplace. Stone pillars and other decorative stone accents throughout the home can give it a unified feel.

Country-worthy furnishings

Furniture and decorative accents are the touches that’ll complete your cabin feel. An old refinished rocking chair in the living room; a natural wood dining set; a bed frame that looks like a born-and-raised woodsman put it together; and end tables and other small furniture items welcome guests into your home. Outfit your furniture with things like patchwork quilts and hand-embroidered pillows for authenticity and extra charm.

Wood, wood, and more wood — it’s the key ingredient when you want to capture a cabin feeling for your home. Dress it up with the right furnishings and lighting, and enjoy country charm wherever you live.


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