Creating a Bar or Pub Atmosphere At Home

What is it about the local pub or sports bar that appeals to so many, besides the obvious beverage-oriented reasons? Maybe it has to do with a sense of comfort, and of belonging. A lot of people decide to build these kinds of spaces in their homes. Basements, outbuildings in backyards, and converted garages are popular staging areas.

But, what are the basics of creating a space like this? Guest writer Jake Oates is here to flesh them out.


More and more homeowners are transforming spaces in their home into unique residential settings by utilising their spare rooms, basements, garages, and even sheds, and turning them into bars or home pubs. When your children grow up and leave the nest, many parents find themselves with big empty dwellings.

One can sell the house and downsize to a smaller property, or alternatively take advantage of the leftover space and convert it into a fun recreational room. Adults often put their own dreams and aspirations aside in favour of their offspring but after they have reached adolescent, there is no better time to exploit the living space for your own individual needs.

Do you regularly host dinner parties and have friends and family around? Building a pub into the property is a fantastic way to entertain guests. It offers a room which is fun and quirky to wine and dine visitors. And don’t be put off by the common concept that a basement bar is for men-only. Home pubs are traditionally ‘man caves’ but they are great for all the family as a dedicated living space to relax in.

But what is the best way to create a rec room? Here is an expert guide to build a bar in your basement.

A home pub or bar: find your style, find your purpose

What is your ideal purpose for the room? Do you want it to be upmarket and stylish for lavish, large scale family events or cosy and comfy as a ‘getaway’ for a few close friends or family? Whatever you want the room for, integrate this into the design to maximise the space’s efficiency.

And what space do you have available? Make sure you measure the exact dimensions before purchasing furniture. The most common types of bars come as straight, L-shaped designs or free standing.

There are various styles available to suit a vast array of needs including sports bar, British pub-style, or art deco. Further themes include tropical, classic and racing. Pick the style which caters to your taste and then find furniture which co-ordinates.

Colors should be chosen to reflect the style and your personality. Do you want the bar to appear dark and mysterious? Or do you want to create a bright, colorful décor? Whichever color you opt for, note that it will affect the ambience of the room. It is important to know that dark colours make living spaces appear smaller.

Texture and subtlety for bar and pub furniture and accessories

What kind of textures do you want to base the décor on; wood, blackboards, tiles? Think long and hard about the finished look before purchasing materials and bear in mind your budget. Certain textures will be more expensive such as marble, so you need to incorporate this into the costs.

When designing the home pub, why not make it the real deal with fundamental pieces of furniture such as hand dryers, bar stools, drink mats, wine and beer mats, and cocktail mixers. Put the beer on draft to keep it cool and put a television in the space as entertainment. If you really want to go the extra mile, stock it with a refrigerator, dishwasher and air conditioning.

Bar and pub atmospheres at home: where everyone knows your name

What are the overall reasons you’d design a room like this in your home? A lot of it has to do with comfort and function, as we’ve seen. But, an underlying point here is about every other room in your home, and how it relates to you, and what you value in your life. You want to make your spaces your own, and your home as  a place that tells a story about who you are, and what your friends and family mean to you. As they say, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. What better place is there than your home for that?


Thanks, Jake!

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