Creating a Masculine Bathroom

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A man may be the king of his castle (ed: or think he is!), but he also has very different decorating and design needs than a woman.  Creating a masculine bathroom is a great place to start, design-wise.  The bathroom has to combine form and function with style to create a space that reflects his personality and lifestyle.

Conservative colors in the masculine bathroom

It is important to understand the man’s style.  Is he conservative and traditional, laid back, or modern and sophisticated?  Once you have a feel for his likes and dislikes you can begin selecting bathroom tile in shades that match his personality.  Black onyx tile offers a very modern, urban look.

Stone tile speaks to sophisticating and traditional styling.  Brown tiles are especially good for the masculine bathroom, because they offer both the darker, more masculine look while also providing a warmth and sophistication to the space.  Whatever look he is after, use tile colors that reflect that and provide a firm foundation for the rest of the room’s palette.

What to include in the masculine bathroom

A toilet and vanity are a must, of course.  Whether you add a walk-in shower or a tub will, again, depend on the man’s preferences.  If the budget allows, add both.  There is nothing more masculine than a stone tiled walk in shower with multiple spray-heads and deep, rich colors.

A jetted tub can add that touch of luxury for unwinding after a hard day at the office. Selecting the right vanity is also an important job.  The size of the vanity must be proportional to the size of the bathroom while also providing enough space for storage and easy access of the most used items.  If there is not a lot of storage, consider adding a towel shelf that is done in metal or wood tones that compliment the style of the tile.

Musculine bathroom accessories

Accessorizing the masculine bathroom requires the use of textures that capture personality of the man who will be spending time there, while also adding visual interest to the space.  White framed floral prints are a definite no, but an abstract metal wall hanging might be just the thing to add that burst of color to the room without overdoing it.

The metal look can also be carried through in the soap dish or dispenser, the towel racks, and the knobs on the shower and tub.  Be consistent with the metal material to get the look and style you are after.  Too many different metals will make the room look mismatched instead of elegant.

Towels and toiletry organizers are other things that you might want to consider when designing the masculine bathroom.  If the room is dark in color, match that with the color of the towels.  Be sure that the texture of the towels, no matter what their color, is luxurious and plush.

Bathroom that reflects style of the man

Ultimately, the goal of the masculine bathroom is to create a room that reflects the style of the man and addresses his needs in the space.  With the right materials and design, it may very well become the favorite room of the house.

Senior staff writer for, Alyssa Davis, offers design advice on decorating with bathroom metal wall decor and metal beach wall art.

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