Creating A Mediterranean Style Outdoor Living Space

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The grand vistas of the Mediterranean are heartbreakingly beautiful to behold. For the dedicated outdoor gardener or landscaper, creating a Mediterranean-themed space, with lush scenes balanced by exotic colorful plants and artistic details, can be the ultimate challenge. When it’s done, you’ll have an outdoor space that is as inviting as a rustic garden or the steps of a Spanish villa.


1. Get out in the Gravel Garden

If you live in a hot and dry region that doesn’t provide a convenient home for lush green gardens, take a nod from the semi-arid regions of the Mediterranean that use rocks, gravel and natural earth-tone materials to produce an environment that is just as beautiful.

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2. Planters make perfect

A few planters, some home-grown herbs to grace your dinner plate and a rustic fence that blends organically into the natural space provide some interesting details for your outdoor space.

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3. Space and color

See how the furnishings are up near the wall and planters, letting you take in the full scene of yellow stone and exotic floral arrangements? You feel like you’re entering a secret garden – again, blending the cozy feel of an enclosed space with the openness of an outside patio.

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4. Soothing Stone Tiles

Some of the best outdoor spaces match organic curves with the square regularity you could find at the base of an old Greek temple. Stone tiles lay a solid foundation without utterly dominating the space.


5. Make an entrance

A wreath entrance flows naturally from the green backdrop of most backyard scenes while cultivating a feel of entering an enclosure. You have to go out before you can come in. Multiple wreath entrances can create a playful scene leading to secret hideaways.

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6. Don’t forget about the foliage

Semi-arid bushes provide texture and subtle nuances of color, particularly when set against natural-worn stone or tiles. Throw in a fountain or statuette for contrast and you’ve got a fantasy outdoor living room.

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7. Welcome to the Land of Vase

A centerpiece and focal point that looks like it was taken right out of a Graeco-Roman museum is not a bad choice for reinforcing that Mediterranean look. Don’t be afraid to go big – otherwise, your central piece may get overlooked in a big yard or open space.



Have you added a Mediterranean touch to your yard or garden? How did you do it? Leave a comment.

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