Creating A Woman’s Oasis At Home

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A man cave is a place where guys can go to lounge and enjoy hobbies. Maybe the man cave has a big screen TV, video games, a pool table, and a culturally agreed upon “manly” theme (sports, hunting, fishing, etc.). Maybe it doesn’t of course, because every man is different. But, either way, a lot of attention has gone toward creating the perfect space for a man, particularly as we lead into Father’s Day.

But what about the needs of a woman? Women need a place for relaxation and hobbies, too. Instead of, or in addition to, designing a man cave, building a woman’s oasis can certainly help a household (and sometimes a relationship!) to strike a vital balance where the individual interests and lives of people who live there are concerned. Take a look at these ideas to get your creative impulses pumping.

Create a place that encourages an “unwind”

Life can be stressful for the modern woman, with commitments, schedules, and the demands of family that can take a toll on our energy levels and positive outlook. So, a big agenda item for a woman’s oasis is to create a relaxing space for you to unwind, and to pursue your interests that are held apart from the activities you support for others in your life.

Decorating in soothing colors that promote rest and relaxation is a good place to start. Think about furniture that supports multiple positions and functions. Daybeds are good examples of this, allowing you to sit up and watch a movie, or lay back and read a book. Think about the kinds of textures and materials that promote a sense of peace, with sound absorption and comfort underfoot firmly in mind.

Create a space that supports your interests and personality

And above all,  when creating this unwind space, thinking about how your interests intersect with the elements in the space. Then, proceed accordingly with storage ideas to support hobbies, portioned zones with the space for physical activities like yoga, desk space and devices for writing, or any other related elements.

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You are unique. No one woman’s oasis will be exactly the same. It depends on the woman, right? Yours should support your passions, whatever they are.

Create a sense of continuity

With that sense of uniqueness in mind, something to balance all of that off with is a sense of design continuity between your woman’s oasis space and the rest of your home, whether your oasis is an indoor space, or an outdoor one. After all, your oasis is still a part of your home.  Even if it has a personality of it’s own, using some similar textures and color spectrums that borrow from other areas of your home can be a way of making sure that the decor in your oasis isn’t visually jarring.

Try some art on the walls just outside of the space that also feature or are matched by the same inside the room itself. Another strategy is a common flooring surface, or a carpet runner that leads into the room, but also matches adjoining rooms. And of course, another one is to use an accent color in your oasis that borrows from a dominant color in those adjoining spaces. Any of these can help tie your woman’s oasis room together, while also making it an organic part of the rest of your home.

Create a space that is exclusive, but doesn’t exclude

And here’s another reason why that continuity point is so important. Your space is an oasis, not (necessarily!) a restricted area to visits by partners, friends, children, and pets. Decide on your comfort levels where this is concerned, and maybe also decide on some ground rules on how the space is used by others. That’s fair; it’s your space that is designed to be removed from all other spaces in your house.

But, open yourself up to the idea that creating a world within a world like this is very often made better when you can share it every once in a while (but not too often!). Sometimes, that makes time alone in that space more precious, too.

Spaces that are truly your own

Whatever your interests or passions, there is something to be said for having “a room of one’s own”, as Virginia Woolf once wrote. Making sure that it reflects your values and interests, allows you to unwind, lends a sense of continuity for the rest of your home, and allows a welcoming atmosphere to others are all great goals.

Do you have a room like this already? How did you go about planning it?

Did it evolve naturally from an existing room, or did you build it up all at once?

Tell us all about your woman’s oasis in the comments section.




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