Creating An Outdoor Paradise That Won’t Break The Bank

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Summer means a lot of things. Baseball, crickets, beaches, barbeques . . . the list goes on. So what’s the common factor? Well, that’s easy: we’re outside. Spending time outdoors in summer is one of the simple pleasures of life, a reliable indulgence that never grows old.

Make the most out of summer

One of the best ways to truly get the most out of the summer is to simply move outside. An outdoor room in your home is one which is relatively cheap to create, but which will stand the test of time, giving you an area of real relaxation where you can appreciate it the most, in nature.

Interesting survey findings

A survey conducted among BuildDirect customers in North America threw up some interesting findings with regard to outdoor rooms. The questions focused on the challenges, motivations, and specific and general needs of customers, as well as asking about purchasing habits and styles.

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So, what did we learn about outdoor rooms? For one thing, they are popular. Of those who didn’t already have an outdoor room, 72% have considered building one. Outdoor rooms are a place for us to kick back, first and foremost, and this was reflected when respondents were asked what motivated them to create the space. 82% said it was a place where they could relax, while 55% said that it would act as an extension of their home, with the same percentage motivated by the ability to enjoy nature.

Budget the biggest concern

Of course, building an outdoor room is not without its challenges, and respondents were encouraged to identify the issues they expected to face when creating the space. By far the biggest concern (85%) was creating what they wanted within their budget, followed by having the right amount of time to create the room (32%) and design inspiration (28%).

Vast majority will spend less than $5,000

So, if most people are anticipating budget issues, how much are they willing to spend on an outdoor room? The results were interesting. The vast majority (73%) planned on spending less than $5,000 on the space, with only 2% saying “whatever it takes”. 10% of respondents said they would spend less than $1,000 on an outdoor room.

When asked how they would furnish their outdoor room, respondents chose from a number of options. Unsurprisingly, a large amount (79%) said they planned on buying outdoor patio furniture. The next most popular products were outdoor lighting (63%) and an outdoor fire pit or fireplace (57%). Half of respondents said they planned on buying patio stone or tiles to complement their outdoor room

Over the past year, 72% had not purchased patio furniture and, when asked how much they intended to spend on it, most people (56%) said under $1,000.

Outdoor paradise is for life

The infographic accompanying this post offers a visual representation of the survey’s main findings, as well as the kind of outdoor living products and prices consumers would expect to find at Your outdoor paradise is for life, and you won’t have to break the bank to create it.

Your outdoor space budget?

Does the findings in our survey reflect your situation too?

If not, what’s holding you back from creating the space you want?

Tell us all about it in the comments section.





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