Creating an Eco-friendly Reading Nook in the Bedroom

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Creating spaces of solitude, quiet, and peacefulness  is a great strategy in transforming your home into a refuge. Curling up with your favourite book is a great activity to go along with planning this kind of location in your home. And what better way to do that than thinking about making that space an eco-friendly one?

Here’s interior design enthusiast and writer Jessica Ackerman to tell you more about ways to do just that …


Nothing induces relaxation quite like a quiet and cozy reading nook in the bedroom. A comfortable chair, some soft lighting and a good book are sure stress relievers. Add an extra element to your reading nook, by incorporating some eco-friendly ideas into the space. Even with a low budget, you can make the reading area more relaxing and better for the environment with a few simple tricks.


The buzz about energy efficient light bulbs has been happening for years. Slowly, regular incandescent light bulbs are being replaced on store shelves with energy efficient ones. The once unsightly corkscrew design that was the trademark of energy efficiency in lighting, is now being replaced by more attractive designs that provide the same energy benefits. By replacing the light bulbs in your reading nook lamps, you will be saving money and energy. That is good for both your wallet and the environment.

Go Organic

While organic food has been around for years, organic fabrics are still catching on. The most common organic fabric is cotton. Although it once only came in an unbleached creamy tan color, organic cotton now comes in a variety of colors and styles. Slipcovers, pillow cases, and throw blankets can all be found made from this green lifestyle fabric. Organic cotton is not only strong and durable, it is also soft to the touch and provides a comfortable material upon which to sit and relax.

It’s Alive!

Plants are a great addition to any quiet and cozy reading nook. A tall fern or potted Fichus tree beside the comfortable chair or chaise provides privacy, as well as, air quality benefits. Plants can help filter out the allergens in the air and make the bedroom a place where it is easier to breathe. Choose plants that can tolerate the lack of sunlight that they may receive if placed in an out of the way nook. A small African violet or a vase of cut flowers on the side table can also add charm and personality to the space.


It may be tempting to rush out and purchase a new chair that looks like it will be perfect for the reading nook, but before you do, look around your home for as used one instead. Eco-conscious living means consuming less, and that includes purchasing new furniture if it is not necessary. If you can move an existing chair into the nook, that is the best option. Recover it with a colorful or relaxing new fabric to give the chair new life. Sew up a new throw pillow using fabric that you have around the house for an extra cozy accent.

If you must buy a new piece of furniture, select one that is made of high-quality material with a solid frame. This will, in most cases, make the chair last longer which will be better for the environment in the long run.

Simple steps can create a reading nook that is environmentally friendly while being just as comfortable and cozy. Do not be afraid to pull objects from other areas of the house to create the perfect setting. Reclaim old pieces and give them new life with a fresh coat of paint or new fabric. And while you are enjoying your book, you will rest easy, knowing that both your budget and the environment, are pleased with the steps you have taken.


Thanks, Jessica!

Jessica Ackerman, author and staff designer at, your best wall art site, specializes in restaurant wall decor.

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