Creating outdoor spaces for pets

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Spring cleaning is not just for the two-legged in your home, but for those who go on four legs as well. Making sure that they have a space that is perfect for them is important to ensure a happy pet. If your pet is an outdoor pet, or likes to be outdoors, which most do, creating and cleaning an area that is designated for them is a great way to help them enjoy spring as well.

There are many things that you can do, and if you already have an existing area, then sprucing it up is a great way to show your pet they’re welcome in your space. It’s also a great way to help you to create a more harmonious household, too.

Getting that outdoor space for pets ready

Whether you have a patio with a fenced-in yard, or an actual dog run area, cleaning them up and preparing them for outdoor use will serve several purposes. Animal areas that have feces or urine present can be a cause of pet illness or disease. Making sure to minimize this kind of mess while your pet is enjoying that outdoor space can prevent health problems, and odor problems too. Make sure to stoop and scoop as often as you can.

Depending on the size and breed of your pet, make sure that if there is an enclosed space that it has adequate room for your pet to move around comfortably. This is important as you may find you have a frustrated and unhappy animal if they are not able to have movement in their area.  Really, this is about having empathy for your pet, and planning accordingly. A great example of this is a dog run, as opposed to a space that restricts your pet’s movement. An outdoor shelter, like a dog house or a gazebo is another way to make your pet feel more comfortable, especially on rainy or harshly sunny days.  Cat enclosures are another great strategy for an outdoor space.

Everyone needs room to move, and room to take shelter from sun, wind, and rain. Your pet is no exception.

Animal-friendly plants

Make sure that whatever plants you are planting this year are animal-friendly. Some beautiful perennials are poisonous to your pets , and this can cause major harm, even death if consumed by Fido. Make sure that their safety is regarded when planting this year, and that you have created a pet-friendly garden.

Pets love great outdoor living spaces

Regardless of the type pet, all animals thrive in the great outdoors.  A well-planned outdoor space allows them to be safer while they’re out in it. A dog run, as mentioned before is a small part of the yard that is fenced to make an enclosed area specifically for your pet. This keeps them safe from traffic, and from other animals. A secure and self-contained outdoor space like this also provides a space for your pet when you need to go out, without leaving them to stay in the house on their own.

Take the time to research what would work best for your pet.  Be sensitive to the needs of your pet’s particular species, breed, and size. If you do not have a fenced-in yard, but would like your pet to run free, consider fencing in the yard, or at least a small portion of it. Build a doghouse, or other variety of covered area. Provide a flat, cool place for them to rest, like a tile patio, or a deck. There are lots of options that every member of your family can enjoy.

Outdoor spaces for pets: a strategy for a peaceful home

Taking care of your pet is more than just feeding and watering, it also means that space concerns, health hazards and proper environments need to be evaluated. Deliberately making a space outside where your pet can feel at home, comfortable, and safe is an overall strategy for you to feel all of those things too. The most successful pet owners are those who are realistic about what their pets need. And, as they say, everyone needs their space. When your pet is happy and contented, it makes it easy for you to be happy and contented, too.

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