Creating the Perfect Nursery for Twins

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The arrival of twins and setting up a nursery for them brings joy (and sometimes worry). But, fear not! Here’s how to prepare for your double blessing.


The day you got the great news about your pregnancy, you probably started thinking about the nursery. But then you got another surprise — you’re having twins! Once the shock wears off and the thrill sets in, you might look at that empty space in your house and wonder: Now what?

Planning and decorating a nursery for one can be tough, but when you add a second baby to the mix, things get interesting indeed. Here are a few great ideas for decorating for twins that can keep you from losing your design sanity.

Give them a shared space

Speaking of sanity, there is a very good reason to create one nursery for your twins instead of one nursery for each baby. Simply put, you will need the convenience. Twins come with enough chaos as it is, so keep things simple where you can: It’s so much easier when all the things they need are in one room.

Eclectic Nursery by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Regan Baker Design

And besides, simply imagine for a moment hearing both babies cry in the middle of the night, and you’re standing between their doorways, wondering which one to attend to first. Don’t put yourself in that situation — just bunk them together from the start and cut down on your worries.

Don’t double everything

When you’re having twins, it is very tempting to double up on everything. That is definitely true for some things, such as those mountains of diapers and boxes of diaper wipes! But there is no reason why babies can’t share a dresser or clothing chest when their clothes are so tiny.

A single changing station is also a good idea, because you certainly can’t change two babies at once! The twins can even start out with a single crib between the two of them — but when they are old enough to move around, it’s time to put them in separate beds.

Eclectic Nursery by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Regan Baker Design

Create decor that changes with them

Let’s say you are having a boy and a girl. How can you create decor that fits both little ones? A great answer is to focus on gender-neutral themes, such a Winnie the Pooh or Noah’s Ark. If you want to create something that will change as they grow and still be relevant when they are teenagers, try a chalkboard wall.

This allows you to draw whatever you like on the walls, which can suit your babies as they grow and their likes change. And in the early days, it gives you a handy place to jot down notes. New parents have the attention span of a gnat, so it helps to have many places to write things down!

Keep things crisp and clean

If you have very little space for two babies in the nursery, make the most of it with crisp, clean lines and simple colors. Let natural light in as much as possible, which might mean a simple sheer curtain over a window for a bit of privacy.

Simple white cribs in front of a green or yellow wall is a great start, followed by clean white bedding with splashes of color can make a room feel light and airy. Keep up the theme with a delicate mobile – one made of heavy-duty paper is not only gorgeous, but good for the environment.

Eclectic Nursery by London Photographers Michael Wickham Photography

Don’t stress about colors

Many new parents want the colors of the room to match the gender of the baby. But what if you have one of each? If your boy and girl are going to share a room for that first year, figuring out colors can be tough.

After all, you might get sick of green and yellow! Compromise by keeping things white or neutral, and then use pops of color for each baby. A good option is striking artwork, one above each crib, that depicts the colors you enjoy for each baby.

Traditional Nursery by Sausalito Furniture & Accessories Serena & Lily

Make it comfortable for Mom and Dad

Remember that the babies are not the only ones who will use the room — you will be in there quite a bit, especially at night, when you are tired to the bone but the babies are still hungry. That’s why you should splurge on a very good chair, one that has a plush back and sides for comfort.

A chair with wide arms will also give you the opportunity to hold both babies at once, which is sometimes an absolute must (not to mention just plain wonderful). Look for a chair that has a matching ottoman, so you can put your feet up and get some much-needed rest. If you have to move out the changing table or some other piece of furniture to make room for that chair, do it. You’ll be glad you did.


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