Creative Lighting For Cozy Spaces Post-Daylight Savings Time

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Once the clocks go back in fall, lighting becomes even more important in the evening. Here are some creative ways to make use of it in late autumn.


As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, having a cozy space in your home is a great getaway. There are several ways you can use lighting to make your rooms feel warm and welcoming during the cooler months.

Choose the right bulb for your lights

When you’re buying light bulbs for your lamps, you have to consider both the wattage and the hue. Selecting a daylight bulb will give you a bright, blue light that’s not conducive to that warm feeling you’re trying to create.

Instead, you want to find a light bulb that has a Kelvin temperature of 2,700 or less. Also, don’t forget about three-way bulbs. While the highest setting might be too bright for your room, the lowest setting can create a very cozy atmosphere.

Warm up a bedroom with string lights

Hang some lights behind a canopy for a soft and ethereal glow in your bedroom. If you drape the canopy over your bed, you can use LED lights with a lightweight wire that won’t pull down the fabric. Or, hang the canopy behind the bed and drape the strings of lights behind that.

In a child’s bedroom, hang a strand of lights on the bottom bunk of bunk beds for some comfortable lighting. You can either thread the lights through the slats in the frame of the top bunk or use hooks to hang the lights from the wall. For a modern and fun nightlight, take a strand of lights with bigger bulbs and hang them from a hook on the wall.

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Brighten a hallway or accent a ceiling

While many people will use spotlights in hallways or high ceilings to accent them and brighten them up, they’re expensive to install. String lights can give you the same effect for a fraction of the price.

Take strands of lights with large bulbs and drape them across a high ceiling to bring attention to the height and add warm light above you. Or, take the same type of light strings and zigzag them down the ceiling of a dark hallway. These lights will give you a little more overhead light without being overbearing.

Set the mood with candles

Candles have always been a source of soft and cozy light. Today, they’re also a great way to fill your house with an inviting scent. In the fall, consider scents such as vanilla, pumpkin pie, hazelnut, and banana nut bread. When winter rolls around, you can switch your candles out to scents like roasted chestnuts, cinnamon, and evergreen.

If you’re worried about having an open flame in your house or you live in an apartment that forbids candles, you can go with battery-operated candles instead. These candles flicker and give off a scent just like the real ones, but without the danger of a flame.

No need for gloom

The shorter days of fall don’t have to make your house gloomy inside. To bring some warmth and coziness into your home this fall, select the right types of lights and try out a few of these unique lighting techniques.




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