Creative Ways To Make A Fireplace Focal Point Post-Holidays

Fireplaces are a source of warmth in winter. But, here are some ways to warm up your fireplace visually after holiday decor is past.

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Your fireplace is a natural living room focal point, and it’s sure to draw attention when you have a fire blazing, chasing away outside’s chill. During the holidays, perhaps it played a more dramatic role as a focal point, and as a room accent even when you don’t have a fire burning.

Use these interior design tips to assess the best way to really make your fireplace pop even after the stocking are no longer hung there with care. Whether you have time to renovate the space or simply want a small change, your fireplace won’t need a fire to draw gazes and praise.

Add artwork

Since the fireplace already naturally draws the eye, take advantage of that attention by hanging unique statement artwork above the mantel. Pick something that goes with your interior design. You may want an abstract, modern painting with a lot of color, or, perhaps, instead, a stunning photograph.

You can even try a series of two or three pieces of art lined up across the top of the space. This is also a great opportunity to bring out accent colors and highlight themes from the rest of the room’s design.

fireplace focal point

Fill the space

Decorate your mantle with eye-catching items. An interesting clock, bold candleholders, small sculptures, or pieces of blown glass are just a few ideas you may want to consider. If you love photos, get some funky frames and make the mantle a celebration of your family, friends, and best trips. You could even use it as a place to display your favorite books, especially if they have eye-catching spines or covers.

Make the Hearth Interesting

Brick and stone hearths are very common, and they usually come in a rectangular shape. If you’re willing to do a little bit of home renovation, think about mixing up this traditional design for something new. Try a hearth that extends far beyond the actual fire, or pick a new kind of stone in a unique shape or a single slab. This way the fireplace becomes a focal statement piece that’s part of your design, rather than simply a feature that came with your house.

fireplace focal point

Paint the Mantle

Your mantle doesn’t have to be a traditional color. Try brightening the room by painting it in a statement color that complements the rest of your design. If your mantle is made of beautifully carved wood, highlight the beauty of the design by painting the curves and the edges in a slightly darker shade.

Engage the Walls

Don’t just think about your fireplace itself. The wall around it is another great design opportunity. Use it as an accent wall and paint it a bold color. Consider a wallpaper design or stenciling a design into your existing paint. If none of that appeals to you, a wall treatment that adds texture to your wall may be the way to go instead.

You may be inspired to renovate the entire space or simply to add fashionable knickknacks to your mantle. Whatever you choose, enjoy the warmth of your spruced up fireplace this season, whether or not a fire is blazing within it.

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