Curb Appeal And Your Exterior Design

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Even if we’re not planning to move anyway, perfectly happy in the home of our dreams which we’ve made of the place we live, curb appeal is still pretty important. You’ve heard it a million times by now, but curb appeal is just another way of saying “first impressions”. And we all know how vital they are. 

So, even as the seasons are changing, what are some places to start that can be considered the basics? Well, exterior design expert and writer Robby Monk is here on behalf of Exovations to help get you started …


When it comes to the landscaping around your home, it is important to blend your home’s natural architecture and color into the vision you have for your overall curb appeal.  There are a number of things you should consider before a shovel breaks ground or a paint brush strokes your home.  Matching the exterior of your home to your home’s landscaping should be the focus.  When one is out of proportion with the other, the visual appeal of your home can be distorted.  Fortunately, achieving pleasant curb appeal is easy to accomplish if you consider the following.

Curb appeal with home siding

Painting or replacing your old siding are the two most common methods when it comes to matching your home’s exterior to your landscaping.  If you choose to replace your home siding, consider the cost of installation for new materials, as well as how much upkeep will be needed. Siding should last the life of your home, so choosing the right home siding is essential.  Consider fiber-cement siding if you choose to replace the siding on your home. This material is made of sand, cement and cellulose fibers and mimics the look of wood siding. Unlike regular siding, it is non-combustible, resists weather damage well and doesn’t attract termites like wood siding.

Home painting and curb appeal

If you are considering painting your home, calculating the cost is as simple as knowing the square-foot area of your home and multiplying that by the cost of paint per gallon at your local home improvement store. Then factor in the paint application. Paint is available in weather and element-resisting formulas that can keep your home looking great for many years to come.

Landscaping with curb appeal in mind

Once you have addressed your home’s exterior, it’s time to think about the direction of your home’s landscaping.  A colorful landscape can not only add curb appeal to any home, but can add value.  Beyond the color of your landscaping project, consider texture, function and maintenance of each plant and flower you plan to add.  Selecting plants and flowers that compliment your home’s paint can achieved by simply relying on a color wheel from your local paint supplier.  Choose the right sized plants and flowers that will accentuate your homes architecture. Be careful not to choose trees that, when mature, will outgrow and overshadow your home.

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If you’ve chosen a light color for your siding, vibrant flower colors and dark shrubs offer a nice contrast. Nearly any shade of green against a white home and white or pastel flower color will help draw focus from the home to include the entire lawn. Homes with darker siding should be paired with light plants and dark evergreens to create depth. Flower colors like blues, purples and pastels may offer the perfect match.

With your siding and plants chosen, the final item to consider is the placement of each plant and flower.  Knowing where you want to use flowers or plants (and any other outdoor décor) on your lawn will allow you to quickly create a beautiful and functional space. Remember that tying in your landscaping with your home’s siding should be a fun experience.  Be sure to look at photo galleries online for ideas and fresh perspective.


Thanks, Robby!

Robby Monk is an online marketing professional for Exovations who enjoys writing on home improvement and outdoor living.  Exovations is one of the largest home improvement and remodeling contractors in the southeast that specializes in home siding, window replacement and deck building just to name a few. You can follow Exovations on Twitter.




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