Custom Mirrors: How They Can Transform Your Space

One of the most powerful design elements to any room is a sense of space matched against texture variance. With mirrored surfaces, you’re managing both. But, how does the addition of a custom mirror surface add dimension as a whole?

Kelly Nicole from MirrorMate Frames is here to tell us all about it.


Have you ever walked into a room and thought how beautiful or “put together” that room looked? The walls were painted the perfect shade, complimented by the drapery, and finished off with the most perfect details in the mirrors, the artwork, and the accessories.  Everything looked as if it had been custom made especially for that exact room! Have you asked yourself, “Why don’t the rooms in my home look like that?”

Using custom made elements in your rooms really is the key to having, as the French would say, that certain “je ne sais quoi” that all high end rooms have. Custom mirrors are no exception. Custom made mirrors have many advantages over ready-made mirrors in creating your dream room including fitting, uniqueness, material and some might even say, price.

Custom mirrors fit like a glove

The most obvious benefit of a customized frame is that it fits perfectly with the mirror. The ready-made frames you can buy in the stores can look right while you are there, but when you get them home, they turn out to be smaller than what you need. The real problem arises when you try and get the next size up at the store, only to find it is too big! By having it designed yourself, you will be able to find the right sized frame the first time around. Custom frames will be tailored to the exact size of your mirror, saving you time in the process.

Custom mirrors: one of a kind

By having a frame custom made, you have the option of getting something only limited to your imagination! Using all of your creative juices, you can get something that no one else has, tweaking colors, edges and dimensions as you see fit. The mirror can become a focal point of the room or a unifying element for other key pieces in the room. Uniqueness is often a feature lacking in ready-made picture frames and by using a custom framed mirror you are free to design something that is truly yours.

Material girl

Having no restrictions on use of material while getting custom frames is yet another benefit. You have the option to choose the exact material you want used, continuing the theme of the room in the details. This ensures that the frame is a companion piece to your mirror, rather than looking like it was added as an afterthought. These days, the materials available for custom made mirror frames are limitless! Wood, metal, and stone are just some of the choices commonly used for custom made frames.

Pricing for custom mirrors

You can’t deny that there are a lot of gorgeous ready-made mirror frames out there right now. They are also many times, cheaper than the custom made frames you would get elsewhere, but if the mirror frame isn’t exactly what you want or doesn’t complement the room, is it really worth it? Custom frames are worth every penny you spend on them because you get exactly what you want and your mirror adjusts to your room’s design, not the other way around.

When placing the order for your custom frame mirror, make sure you have detailed specifications and/or a picture or drawing to show your framer. The more specific you can be the better chances of getting exactly what you are looking for to complete your dream room.


Thanks, Kelly!

MirrorMate Frames® offers information on how to frame a mirror by attaching beautiful frames to boring, builder grade mirrors. This mirror framing system, frequently used on bathroom vanity mirrors or a bathroom wall mirror can be installed in 20 minutes and comes in over 65 different frame styles to complement any type of décor.



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