Cutting Granite

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I often get asked by DIY customers on how to cut granite.

Straight cuts – A hand held wet circular saw with continues diamond bladeis recommended. Water feed supply is a must to eliminates the harmful dust particles common in dry cutting applications. A felt lining is recommended on the tracks (base plate) to protect the work surface from scratches. The motor should be power full to work without stalling. A guide down is a must to get precision cuts or for working on the edges. Several brands of saws are available out in the market to suite the job and your budget. Faucet holes – Use a handheld heavy duty drill with wet diamond core bit. Work through the granite steadily with even pressure. Always start cutting from the top surface and reduce the pressure as you approach the end of cutting to avoid chipping the stone.Profile cutting – vacuum brazed diamond hand profilers / hand router bitsare available in the market to produce perfect edges. An internal water feed type is recommended for optimum cooling of the bit. Hand profile tools come with guide on the top of the bit that rides on the surface of the slab to control the depth of cut for consistent shaping.

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