Dare to compare.

There are plenty of questions and misconceptions with regards to the hardness of Bamboo Floors.  Before you take the plunge and purchase Bamboo flooring it is important to know the difference in hardness between the  Natural and Carbonized coloured floor.

The natural coloured floors are as hard as Maple Floors, harder than Red Oak, but the carbonized floors are slightly softer, they are as hard as a Domestic Walnut,  softer than a Red Oak.  The reason for this is to obtain the rich, warm, brown colour, the flooring is boiled during manufacturing causing the natural sugars within the bamboo to caramelize.  The caramelizing changes the chemical structure of the floor, softening it.

 At the end of the day what does this mean??  If you were to drop the same object on both floors from the same hieght the carbonized floor will dent more.

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