Deck and Patio Round-Up!

Spring is a time when we’re looking to expand our lives outside, with the promise of approaching warm weather, and gatherings of friends. During the season, the revitalization and transformation of our outdoor living spaces is a great project to help you set up for memorable times with friends and family outdoors.

We’ve spent a lot of time on deck and patio articles over the month of April as you, dear readers, have started the process of transforming your outdoor living spaces.  So, once again as is our custom, here’s round-up of some of those posts, which I hope will help you to draw everything together.

Take a look!

What is composite decking?

It’s an important question to answer for the homeowner who’s looking for an easy, low-maintenance decking material. Composite decking is an evolving product, taking on a respectability of its own when it comes to a deck that is not only practical, but with a smooth and refined look that people are looking for.  This post outlined the basics about composite decking, and why it might be the best choice for you as a means of redefining your outdoor living space.

Planning an outdoor kitchen

Diversifying your activities in your space expands the possibilities of your life at home, and outdoors. Outdoor kitchens are a common investment toward that goal. And they’re a great way to keep your house cooler, and lower the demand on air conditioning when things heat up toward the end of spring, and into summer. This post outlined some important considerations when planning your own outdoor kitchen, from your choice of tile and countertop materials, to strategizing  around your choice of appliances.

Wood Deck Maintenance Checklist

When you’ve got a structural and functional asset like a wood deck, annual maintenance is an act of protecting an investment. But, it’s also a way to see to it that your deck looks great too. This post took you through the basics of how to bring your wood deck from drab to fab, transitioning it from the rigors of winter to the glories of spring.

Revitalizing your wood deck in springtime

This post went into even more detail on the business of helping your deck look its best coming out of the winter season, and into springtime. One important aspect that this post covered was the process of sealing your deck, making sure that the high, hot sun and UV rays it will endure over the coming season will be adequately guarded against.

Pressure wash your deck

You’ve got a hardwood deck, a composite deck, or a vinyl or aluminum deck surface. After a long winter, maybe it needs a bit of help reviving. This is where a good session with the pressure washer comes in. This post talked about how to prepare your deck for the washing, and even how to handle a pressure washer if it’s your first time.

Natural Stone Patio Pavers

Granite, travertine, slate, sandstone pavers have been trusted selections for outdoor living spaces for thousands of years. But, how do you know which type of natural stone paver is right for you? This post went over the key characteristics of each one, with the commonality that they all add a touch of class to any outdoor patio space.

Easy patio surfaces for spring

If you don’t have a deck, but you’d still like to transform an outdoor space (and do it quickly and inexpensively), this post outlined some select outdoor living surfaces to consider. Whether it’s a wood surface, tile, or stone, patio surfaces that are installation-friendly, durable, and great looking are within reach this spring.

Decorate your deck for outdoor entertaining

An important consideration when planning any outdoor living space is to think of it as being an extension of your interior space. One way to do this is to think about how that space should be decorated, with your deck as a solid base for a stylish expression. Remember, your deck is a means to an end; it’s a platform for the memories you’ll make with your family and friends. This post talked about how to do it in style!

Choosing patio furniture

Once you’ve decided upon a style for your deck or patio, the right patio furniture can really put the finishing touches on a complete and refined outdoor living space. This post went over some of the options for the types of patio furniture to consider.

So with all that everyone, I hope that these posts were helpful to you, or will be helpful, as you transform your outdoor living spaces this spring!



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