Deck Tiles – interlocking and easy to put down

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Have you ever wondered what to do with that old concrete patio, slightly cracked, looking dirty and forlorn.  A simple and not-so-easy solution is to tear up the concrete and start over but who wants to really do that.

Interlocking wood tiles make an easy up-grade to the outdoor life,  inexpensive, easy and fast to put down over that old and dirty patio.  Also,  if you want wood around the swimming pool these are a good option to go over the patio. The species we use are Eucalyptus and Shorea,  both hardwoods that will last through the seasons,  or take them up over the winter if you like.

Our brand is KonTiki  (as in the raft) and definitely look at these on our website.  They really are good.

Regards, Glen

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Cate Morgan-Harlow

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