Declining dollar and its effect

Chinese Yuans to 1 USD (invert,data)
120 days latest (Apr 24)
lowest (Apr 17)
highest (Nov 19)

It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist (and believe me I’m no Rocket Scientist) to figure out that the US is currently in a recession and the dollar is dropping a furious pace, as shown in the, 3 month, Chinese Yuan to USD graph above. To be honest up until 5 years ago I didn’t know the Chinese currency was call the Yuan.  Now with its direct influence on Bamboo prices I watch it daily.  Prior to June 05 the USD and the Yuan we linked and fluctuated together but since then the USD has depreciated 18% and continues to go lower……

The impact of this can be seen in the increase of Bamboo Flooring prices.

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