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A world of old churches, crypts, and cathedrals are top of mind during the Halloween season. Gothic and Neo-gothic design captures something of the imagination, the spiritual, and even the supernatural with the use of stone, arch motifs, and rustic wood textures.  To truly capture the darker-themed essence of those traditions, consider using some gothic or neo-gothic design ideas, which blend the darkness of the Middle Ages and the gothic revival period in the late 1800s with the modern.

Check out these ideas to mix the dark romanticism of another age with the interior design sensibilities of the 21st century.

Use dark colors for walls and floors

Creating a darker mood for your home decor is simpler than it may seem. A fresh coat of gray, dark blue, or black paint on the walls, or even the ceilings can lend itself to a darker, yet calming feel. Stone and wood are also very popular items to use in a Gothic themed setting, typically as flooring, but even as accent items on the walls. Dark carpeting is also an acceptable means for those that hate cold floors in the winter.

Find a focal point in furniture

While it may not be possible to incorporate flying buttresses and gargoyles into your interior design, you can still blend the old with the new. Finding old furniture at thrift stores or antique shops is a great place to start. The more ornate the patterns on the furniture, the more it will stand out amongst the contemporary items in the room.

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If you want to add a different kind of focal point to the room, consider painting a piece of furniture a striking color such as red, gold, or pink. The idea is to break the monochromatic scheme, as it tends to lend itself to sensory deprivation over time.

Remember accent colors and textures

Don’t make your home completely dark and drab. Add some color by using brightly colored throw pillows in your living room or accentuate bedroom furniture by adding polished brass knobs. Think about bedspreads, slipcovers, and curtains that offset dark floors and wall coverings. Reds, purples, and oranges are great Gothic and Neo-Gothic colors to consider for accents.

Update your lighting

Most modern lighting features recessed lighting, flush mounts, and floor lamps. To capture the Gothic, however, you should opt for chandeliers, wall sconces, and fancy table lamps (painting your current lamps is an easy, cost-effective method). The chandeliers provide a bold look, while wall sconces seem like candlelight. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, stained glass windows can also let in natural light and provide another accent piece for the room.

Traditional Kitchen by Greenville Architects & Building Designers Dullea and Associates Inc.

Add Luxurious Fabrics

Luxurious doesn’t have to mean expensive, it just means that it should appear expensive. Silk, satin, and velvet often embody the feel of decadence, especially in bold colors. These fabrics could be added as pillows, curtains, upholstery, or even hanging from the walls.

Traditional Staircase by Dallas Interior Designers & Decorators Dona Rosene Interiors

Large tapestries (think ceiling to floor) are also another focal point that really makes the room stand out from the rest. These tapestries don’t have to be Gothic inspired but should be made of cloth rather than traditional paintings.

So many aspects

With so many aspects of Gothic design to add to your home, the task can be as big or as subtle as you want it. Even the presence of stone or porcelain tile that looks like stone can help to create that Gothic and Neo-Gothic vibe. The greatest thing about interior decor is you can tweak it to reflect your own tastes and bring a statement to the overall feel of your home.


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