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When we think Halloween decorations, generally what springs to mind for many is plastic wall hangings, lurid novelty lighting, cotton-batten spider webs, and maybe even toilet paper rolls in trees. Those things can be fun, of course. And some really go for it where this kind of Halloween decorating is concerned.

But, what if you wanted to get that spooky vibe and be stylish as well as fun and frivolous?

Well, take a look at this graphic that presents a number of ideas for Halloween home decor for each space in your home. Maybe you’re already incorporating some of these in your space. Maybe some of these are as kitschy as some of the other things I’ve mentioned above!  Maybe there are some here that you never would have thought about, but could actually work well in your space.

Either way, feast your eyes, Halloween decor fans!


So, are there any common threads and highlights to be found in the above? Well, here are some that I can immediately think of.


The reason that the pumpkin is such a powerful symbol of this time of year has to do with its connections to the harvest. Apart from the carving of jack-o-lanterns to get that spooky vibe we all love, the pumpkin is a reminder of times past, when the community gathered to share the bounty. This also connects with trick or treating, too, with the community meeting each other where they live, opening doors to their neighbors and sharing food with each other. Huh. Doesn’t sound so spooky when you think of it like that!

But, the point is, the pumpkin is really a symbol of community, and of mutual prosperity. So, using pumpkins in an entryway in particular is a great way to say “welcome!” at this time of year. It’s a way of saying “I’m a part of your community”. In this day and age when we perhaps don’t know our neighbors quite as well as our grandparents knew theirs, that kind of symbolism is important. And within a display or a design in your space, it’s an easy way to connect with those kinds of sentiments, and share some of that Halloween cheer!

Focal points

Just like any interior design, deciding on a focal point is a great way to create an anchor for the kind of effect you have in mind.  In the graphic above, there are some great examples of how to use a fireplace as a stage for a seasonal display. Fireplaces are natural focal points anyway.

But, really in any room, using Halloween motifs for decorations that immediately capture the attention in a single point in a room tends to be more effective than a deluge of black, yellow, and orange everywhere. Choose a shower curtain, a set of curtains, a statuette, a bedspread, a tablecloth. And sometimes that one element in the focal point of a room is enough to achieve that fun sense of the macabre!

Details and imagery using accessories

Think of the most haunting movies, stories, pictures, etc that we love. Most of their power lies in the details, the little touches that create a ripple effect on our senses. It’s the same with interior design.  A wrought iron candle holder, a vintage black and white image, a vase of dried flowers painted black, a wreathe made of dead leaves and twigs; all of these are great ways to spark the imaginations of the viewer, and suggest something mysterious, or scary.

Sometimes the subtleties that suggest something is better than a roomful of  garish decorations. This is because it’s the subtle imagery that sparks our imaginations the most potently. What’s more important in the Halloween season than our (dark) imaginations!

Have fun!

This is a must when you’re planning Halloween decorations of any kind. And in the above graphic, there are all kinds of kitschy and ironic uses of cartoony images and placement. A pumpkin toilet seat cover? Why not? A spiderweb tablecloth or shower curtain? Sure thing! It’s fun, lighthearted, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Creating tasteful spaces is often about injecting a little of this kind of thing into the mix. And really it’s still all about comfort. A sense of fun and the ironic is a great way to achieve that.

What do you think?

So, what are your thoughts on tasteful Halloween decorations?

What kinds of textures, accessories, color combinations have you tried?

Are there decorations you turn to every year? Or, do you like to mix it up a bit?

How do you balance the macabre with a sense of fun?

Tell me all about in the comments!



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