Decorating Ideas for Your Master Bathroom

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designing ideas master bathroom

With the average person spending 18 months of their lives in the bathroom, designing this important room right is crucial. Think carefully about your own tastes and the atmosphere you want to create when designing your master bathroom. If you’re in a creative rut, these great master bathroom themes might inspire you.


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Why spend the money on a day spa when you can create a pampering environment that’s every bit as tranquil in your own home? Keep your color palette soft with calming neutral hues or ocean tones.

Clutter and mess is the natural enemy of tranquility, so employ strategies to keep clutter at bay in your tranquil master bathroom. Think wall cabinets and under-sink storage that can get items off your surfaces and hidden behind closed doors. Wall-faced toilets, frameless shower screens, and large tiles, which require less grime-attracting grout, can also keep your bathroom cleaner longer, for that shiny spa feel.

Creating a tranquil master bathroom is about more than creating the right look, though. Engaging all the senses will help you feel calmer in your bathroom. Add some wall-mounted Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you’re pampering yourself. Add warm rugs to take the chill off tiled floors. Add an oil diffuser so you can surround yourself with favorite calming scents such as ylang-ylang and lavender.


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A romantic master bathroom is the ideal option for couples who want to add a little sizzle to their relationship.

Choosing the right color is crucial. The space you have to work with will dictate the right hue. Light, warm tones can make a small bathroom feel much larger. Rich hues like peach and gold are ideal choices. Dark hues can overwhelm small bathrooms, but they’ll create the right sense of romantic drama in larger bathrooms. Think terracotta or rich chocolate brown.

Red accents add drama and romance to the room without overwhelming the eye. Pick up the color in accent tiles, splashbacks, and bathroom décor such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and towels.

A whirlpool tub or steam shower provides the perfect place to cozy up to someone special. If you can’t decide which fixture you’d prefer, why not get both?

The harsh lighting so common in bathrooms might suit applying makeup, but it does nothing for romance. Think outside the box when choosing lighting for your romantic bathroom. A chandelier or dramatic pendant light can create the right ambiance in your bathroom. Make sure to choose one with a dimmer switch so you can crank the lights when you’re putting on your cosmetics, then turn them right down when you’re in the mood for seduction.

Scatter pillar candles around your tub to make your bathroom feel just like The Bachelor mansion, minus the catfights! If your tub doesn’t have a ledge for your candles, stone pedestals or a side table can give you the sturdy surface you need.

Those sensory ideas that can make a bathroom feel like a tranquil spa can also be tweaked for a romantic bathroom. Instead of the hits of Enya, switch up the soundtrack and have your wall-mounted speakers pumping out music from Barry White or The Weeknd. Choose romantic scents such as exotic sandalwood and sweet rose for your oil diffuser. Scented candles can also get you in the mood for love.


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A sophisticated monochromatic bathroom never goes out of style. Since it’s so simple, it’s also virtually foolproof.

Use black or white tiles, or a combination of these neutral colors, on your walls, and pick up the colors again in your décor. Don’t be afraid of monochromatic colors in between black and white either. Off-white and gray fixtures can soften the look of a sophisticated bathroom, helping to bridge the two extremes of black and white. Consider using off-white or gray for your shower, your bath, or your decorations. Of course, sticking to black and white can create a strong sophisticated look many people love. Trust your instincts and create the space you want.

Keep your fixtures and features simple, with clean lines free of frills, to pull off this look. Think carefully about every item you add, because clutter is the antithesis of sophistication. Every piece you add to your sophisticated bathroom should have a purpose, whether it serves a function or brings you joy. You shouldn’t just aim to fill the space. A large bathroom mirror with a black and white frame is a good addition, for example, because it looks beautiful, reflects the room so it seems larger, and makes it easy for you to do your hair and apply make-up.

A sophisticated master bathroom should be a grown-up space, even if it’s shared with children. Don’t cave to your kids’ demands for cartoon character towels and cutesy motifs. Instead, invest in storage solutions that can keep their bath toys and other items hidden away.


designing ideas master bathroom

Many people focus on resale potential when they’re decorating their homes. But when you live in your home, why should you make compromises? Don’t be afraid to really put your stamp on your bathroom and create a space that reflects your own bold personality and passions. If you love color, don’t hold back. Surrounding yourself with the vibrant hues you love will make you happy.

An abundance of color isn’t the only way you can make your bathroom bold. Play with patterns to really make an impression. Printed bath towels against a plain wall or decorative strips of feature tiles can really make your bathroom pop.

Art is another great way to inject your bold personality into your bathroom space. Hang your favorite pieces on the walls and decorate with sculptures and ornaments. Choose pieces that won’t be damaged by a damp bathroom environment. Rotating your wall art is a good way to reduce the impact of any moisture. Run the exhaust fan for 30 minutes after taking a shower to clear the steam quickly.

Put yourself into your master bathroom and make it a space that’s truly your own. Considering how much time you’ll spend there, you deserve it!


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