Decorating with Black Tile

Bold, elegant and timeless, black tile can help you breathe new life into your design. From a ground-up build to a total tear down or upgrade, it can work wonders for your space. Of course, knowing how to really make black tile work in your home can be a little confusing.

The good news is that black goes with everything, and with so many different tile options available to you, finding the perfect dark floor for your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Use this guide to learn more about decorating with black tile if you’re drawn to the dark side.

Where Can I Use Black Tile?

You might think that black tiles can only be used in certain types of rooms. The truth is that black works in just about every space! After all, it doesn’t have to be a single uniform design. Here are some of the ways you can use black tile throughout your home.

black tile
Cabot Granite Tile in Black Galaxy / SKU: 10062224
  • Try black tile in your entry area. Materials like slate or slate-look porcelain look tremendous in modern entry areas. You can even extend your look outside for a cohesive design.
  • Go for matte black tile with dark grout in your kitchen. This style looks clean and contemporary, but it also helps hide dirt. That dark tile and grout won’t look dingy or dirty in a high-traffic area like the kitchen either.
  • Opt for classic marble and granite in your main living spaces. Opulent and durable, natural stone is an ideal pick for elegant living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. Granite and marble also work well in modern master bedroom suites.
  • Take advantage of black mosaic tile. Mosaic tile can be used indoors around backsplashes or showers. You can also use non-porous tile styles outdoors and even around swimming pools. Glass tiles in black also provide a contemporary look for these same areas.
  • Shop for ceramic tile for spaces that aren’t exposed to heavy moisture. Still strong and durable, black ceramic tile comes in a range of styles designed for nearly every part of your home.
  • Go for porcelain tile outdoors. Non-porous tiles like porcelain can help you create an enticing porch, patio or outdoor dining area.

What Looks Can I Achieve?

Black tile is bold, sleek and smart. While it works beautifully in modern design schemes, that’s not your only option for decorating. Here are some of the looks you can achieve and how to create them in your space.

black tile
Salerno Porcelain Tile – Raw Silk Series in Black / SKU: 10100097
  • Dark and ultra-modern. Matte black floor tile and dark grout gives you a contemporary style that still looks a little futuristic. Pair it with sleek furniture and you’ve got a space that’s designer-inspired and very modern. Textured tile styles also work well in contemporary spaces.
  • Retro-inspired spaces. Looking to create something a little more vintage? Make use of matte or more polished black tile styles with white grout. That contrast is perfect for a throwback look that doesn’t feel dated.
  • Transitional styles. Walking the line between ultra-modern and vintage-inspired isn’t easy, but it works in many spaces. With classic styles like granite and marble, you can find that space between marvelously modern and old-school traditional. You can even use marble and granite with antique furniture pieces.

Create the Perfect Pattern with Multi-Colored Tile

All-black tile works well in many spaces, but for some people, the style is just a bit too bold. Perhaps you’ve already got a mixture of dark furniture pieces that you don’t want to part with. Maybe your rug has some black in it and it’s just too dark. A patterned style with multi-colored tile is an ideal option if you want to incorporate black into your floor design.

Hearth Tiles

Here are a few ways to utilize multi-colored tile in your home:

  • Combine black and white tile for a classic checkerboard look. Large tiles will add texture to your room, while smaller tile styles will give your space a very dramatic look. Small black and white tiles work especially well in retro-inspired rooms.
  • Create a black border around a lighter central floor. A black border can really make a bright tile style pop and stand out. Marble tiles are ideal for creating this look in a formal high-end space.
  • Mix in black tile. For modern spaces, more randomized designs can look spectacular. Creating a pattern that’s 2-1 or 4-1 white tile to black tile can also enhance your space and keep it from getting too dark.

Other Benefits of Black Tile

A black floor can steal the show and help you update any room in your home effortlessly. There’s more to black than just adding a dramatic touch to your space though. Here are some of the other benefits of installing black tile in your home:

Cabot Fiore Series Porcelain Tile in Botanic / SKU: 15270089
  • Black pairs well with almost any color scheme and room design. That means that you can easily update your furniture, rugs, window treatments and art pieces without removing your flooring.
  • Dark tile colors, particularly those with built-in texture, add a lot of depth to your living space. Using black can basically bring a whole new dimension to your room design. It can even make your space feel considerably larger.
  • Glossy black tiles can help make a small room feel a little more open and vibrant. Opt for lighter paint colors, furniture and window treatments to create even more contrast and visual depth.
  • Flat or matte black tile floors can help hide dirt. This works especially well in entry areas and high-traffic spaces in your home.

Black tile can help you update any part of your home from the entry area to the formal dining room where you entertain friends, family and important guests. Of course, it also works in family spaces, bedrooms, kitchens and outdoor areas. From sleek high-gloss designs to coarse slate and unique textures, black tile comes in unique shapes, sizes and designs for any décor style.

Not sure what type of black tile will work for your house? Reach out to us today so we can help you find the right option for your home. We’ve got a huge selection for indoor and outdoor spaces.

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