Decorative Stone Vaneer Posts For Columns and Caps

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Now that warmer weather has come …

How many blog posts have started off that way lately? Well, it’s because a lot of people are starting to think about how to boost curb appeal; some to sell homes, and others just to spruce up the one they’re in. As spring continues to inspire us to step outside, there are more eyeballs to see how our homes are blossoming after a long winter’s sleep.

In any case, for those of you thinking about transforming your exteriors, and enjoying the sunshine outside too, BuildDirect has launched a selection of specialty stone vaneer siding designed for use on columns, caps, and posts.

This line is actually a companion line to Cabot natural stone vaneer siding, helpfully with the same names that allow you to match them with those selections.

Here’s a summary of how the stone vaneer can be installed on existing columns that have level foundations. The vaneers are installed over top of them.

The cap application is designed for low walls, which can make them something of an interesting addition to a landscaping layout.

Of course, columns and caps are also popular elements for interiors. So, this line of stone vaneer siding is applicable indoors too, anywhere there’s a column; maybe a bar area, or a kitchen.

Perhaps these are areas where you’re looking to create an atmosphere of stablility, permanence, and maybe that “it’s been here for centuries” feel as well. Stone surfaces and textures really help to create this effect in interior spaces as well as exterior ones.

This line is made from actual natural stone. Here’s a shot of “golden white”, which is made from Quartzite.


You can learn more about this line of products on the Cabot stone vaneer posta and columns page.



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