Design By Borough: Style Found in Each New York City Borough

Does your sense of style match a New York City borough? Check out these popular buildings to decide whether you should base your home decorations on a style made famous by Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, or Staten Island.

Manhattan – The Lipstick Building

The Lipstick Building

Image via Flickr by dungodung

The Lipstick Building is an excellent example of postmodern architecture that makes a unique aesthetic statement. It has 34 stories grouped into three separate sections that stack on top of each other (making it look somewhat like a tube of lipstick). Built in 1986 using a stainless steel and red granite exterior, it certainly stands out from other Midtown buildings.

Look to this building for inspiration if you like funky, unique designs.

Brooklyn – Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum

Image via Flickr by TheGirlsNY

The Brooklyn Museum features a diverse collection and exhibitions that includes everything from 1980s feminist art to sixth century BCE Egyptian sculptures. The building itself uses 19th century Beaux-Arts architecture that was popular at the time.

This museum uses a mixture of elements from classical architecture to create something that spans the distance from Ancient Greece to Neoclassical France. Turn to it for inspiration if you like using classical design in unexpected ways.

Queens – College Point Little League Building (Firemen’s Hall)


Image via Wikipedia by4jonah

College Point Little League Building, also known as Firemen’s Hall, uses Queen Anne revival architecture to create a decorative exterior that relies on symmetrical elements, including tall windows on the second floor and an arched doorways on the first floor.

American Queen Anne revival architecture can vary from building to building. this particular example focuses on designs that one might expect to find in 19th century townhouses. If you prefer order over chaos, you might identify with this building’s aesthetic choices.

The Bronx – Hall of Fame for Great Americans


Image via Wikipedia by Jim Henderson

The Hall of Fame for Great Americans, located at Bronx Community College, mixes Beaux-Arts with neoclassical architectural styles. The exterior has tall columns and a dome that create an imposing presence. It also features a colonnade that houses 102 sculptures.

If this seems like your kind of building, then you probably like strength and weight. You don’t want whimsical decorations. You prefer styles that never lose their power.

Staten Island – Battery Weed

Staten Island Battery Weed

Image via Flickr by shinya

If the Hall of Fame for Great Americans doesn’t seem powerful enough for you, then maybe your style is closer to Battery Weed at Fort Wadsworth Reservation. This three-tiered structure was built during the 19th century to protect New York from attacks by sea.

The structure (given the large courtyard and excessive room for weaponry, it’s hard to call it a building) stands squat and forceful along Staten Island’s edge. If you’re drawn to it, you probably like military precision, open spaces, and heavy elements that could withstand a cannonball.

New York City Style and Personality

Each of New York City’s boroughs has a unique style and personality. Within the boroughs, you can find a wider range of traits. These are just a few famous buildings that emphasize some of each borough’s architectural history. What other New York City buildings would you add to a list of popular styles?


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