Design Daydreams: 4 Bathtubs Built For Royalty

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vintage clawfoot bathtub

Most of us don’t have briefcases of cash for bathroom upgrades. But today, we dare to dream. (Drum roll, please.) These bathtubs are nothing short of luxurious.


Baths shouldn’t be reserved for colder seasons only. For me, summer or winter, there’s nothing like soaking in solitude until my hands are pruney and water-logged.

If you liken baths to stewing in your own filth—and you think flashy design is for chumps—this isn’t the post for you. (Nothin’ to see here). But if relaxing in a nice, long bath is one of your favorite pastimes, and you have an eye for lavish design, come closer—gather ‘round.

Let’s get right down to business, shall we? Whether it’s a private Jacuzzi with a built-in TV or a solid-wood tub that’s fit for a monarch, here are four bathtubs dreams are made of.

1. This deluxe Jacuzzi

modern transparent bathtub

(image: Conan)

This is a seriously awesome-looking tub. I could spend all day in this beauty. Are those blue lights at the bottom? Yasssss. Now that’s good livin’.

2. This regal bathtub

royal treatment bathtub

(image: TORLEY)

Sure, that precariously dangling chandelier may be a shock hazard, but I don’t care: I want to steep in this tub all day, bubbles cascading, pinot blanc in hand.

3. This artsy red tub

red artsy bathtub

(image: Lars Plougmann)

This tub reminds me of some sort of eccentric, oversized tomato. But somehow, I can’t take my eyes off of it. When I hit it big (any day now) I’ll buy a fancy loft in London, and retreat into this tub after a long day—book in one hand, tea in the other.

4. This solid-wood tub

wooden bathtub

(image: Indo Gemstone)

This handsome, earthy tub looks like something built for a spritely forest creature. You’d need to get the waterproofing just right here, but I’m sure there’s a way to make that happen. (In a perfect world.)

Over to you

Which of these deluxe bathtubs tickles your fancy? I’ll take the Jacuzzi with the built-in TV, thank you very much.

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