Design Ideas to Make a Small Condo Feel Bigger

Small Condo Feel Bigger

With condos measuring as little as 16 square meters, many condominium residents are used to feeling a little cramped in their homes. It takes some real creativity to make the most of limited space. These clever design ideas can help you feel more comfortable in your small condo and allow it to feel bigger.

Consider the Furniture

Small condo dwellers need to think carefully about the furniture they bring into their space to allow it to feel bigger. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t work here. Instead, consider what matters most to you. If you love entertaining, you might need space for friends to eat. If you regularly telecommute, a functional work area will matter. Think about your own lifestyle and prioritize the things you need.

Your furniture should be proportional to the space you have available. Keep it small and simple and it won’t overwhelm the space you have. Think armless chairs instead of plush overstuffed sofas and small side tables rather than large coffee tables. More companies are creating small, apartment-sized furniture to meet the demands of modern consumers. Transparent furniture, such as lucite chairs and glass-topped tables, are also welcome additions to any small condo and assist with it feeling bigger. Since you can see through them, they’ll make your rooms feel more open, without sacrificing functionality.

Small Condo Feel Bigger

Consider what you really need on a day-to-day basis. If you’re part of a couple who would rather eat out than entertain, a small table with two chairs should suffice. Consider an island, which can be used as a table and meal preparation area. Use the storage space underneath for kitchen appliances and pots and pans.

Furniture that can work double-duty like this are godsends for the small condo. Ottomans with hidden storage space give you somewhere to stash items and places to sit. Small condo dwellers can also use the table they eat their dinner on for a work desk. Bookcases are so versatile. They can store books and more of course, but also work as room dividers, side tables, and even home offices!

Once you’ve settled on your essential furniture and fixtures, think about creative ways to position them. Vertical space is often under-utilized in homes. Mount your television on the wall, rather than putting it inside an entertainment unit, to reclaim floor space. A Murphy bed, which folds up against the wall, can give you more space during the daytime. Think outside the box and you’ll be surprised what smart space-saving furniture solutions you can find.

Brighten Up the Rooms

Bright rooms with plenty of light always feel more open and spacious than darker ones. Bringing light into the rooms of your condo can help them feel much bigger than they did before, even if you haven’t added any extra inches.

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Hang sheer curtains or chic blinds that let natural light pass through. These minimalist window coverings provide the privacy you need while helping the room feel lighter. They’re a smarter option than bulky drapes made from heavier, light-blocking material, which can often seem out of proportion in a smaller room.

If your condo doesn’t have a lot of windows, bright prints and artwork can make your room seem more vibrant. This can be challenging when you’re working with a small space, so take those opportunities for personalization whenever you can find them! If you can paint your rooms, light colors will reflect the light and make them seem brighter. Mirrors do a similar job while creating the illusion of more space through their reflections. They can also appear like artworks, injecting more personality into your small condo.

Don’t forget about the floor. A light-colored area rug can make rooms with dark carpet, floorboards, or tiles feel much larger without adding clutter. As a bonus, they’ll also feel soft and warm under your feet.

While natural light is always best, strategically-placed manmade light sources can also play their part. Use ceiling fixtures and lamps to add extra light to your room. Clear bulbs with high wattage will make a larger impression than frosted bulbs that aren’t as bright.

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When your space is limited, there’s no room for clutter. Small condo dwellers should learn to live a minimalist lifestyle. Keep only what they need and move things on when they’re no longer useful. If you’re streaming movies and music these days, you don’t need your DVDs or CDs. If you hate cooking, there’s no sense hanging onto bulky kitchen appliances. Deal with bills, junk mail, groceries, and other things that enter your home as soon as they arrive rather than procrastinating. These are all great ideas to keep clutter at bay.

The more storage room you have, the easier it will be to eliminate clutter in your small condo. Storage space can seem limited in small condos, but you’re probably not making use of all the space you have. Think beyond your existing storage space and add storage solutions to other places. 

Get Organized

Organizational aids are the next piece of the puzzle, because they make your storage space work efficiently for you. In-closet organizers such as shoe racks and under-shelf baskets can help you organize your items better. Wicker baskets and stylish canisters can also help you keep things in order. Choose organizational aids that are attractive as well as practical to make the space your own.

Add shelving to make use of that vertical space on the walls and get items off the ground. Floating shelves are a great option because they look chic and modern while providing the storage space you need.

Living in a small condo doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable. Put a plan in place, considering how you want to use your small condo. With smarter design solutions you can soon feel at peace in your condominium, no matter how small it is.


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