Designing a Bathroom for Children

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Pink polka dots and hopping frogs are great themes for a child’s bathroom, but there is a lot more to designing a kid-friendly space than the theme.  The placement of tubs, sinks, and toilets is just as important as what type of item is selected to go in the space.

If you are tasked with designing a bathroom that meets the needs of children, check out the ideas below to give you some starting points for addressing your pint-sized client’s issues.

Bathroom design for children: think about your own needs too

Most designs are limited in where they can place the main parts of the bathroom.  Pre-determined plumbing necessitates that the toilet, sink, and tub be placed in certain areas.  If, however, you have the luxury of designing the bathroom from the ground up, take placement into consideration.

Think about including enough room between the tub and the other items so that there is room for the parents to help at bath time.  Adequate storage areas for towels and bathroom toiletries are also a must near the toilet.  Whatever placement will make it easier for the parent to assist the young child during his bedtime routine will ultimately be the design that is favored.

Kids bathrooms should be convenient to use at as they grow

If the bathroom is designed to grow with the child, as most of them are, then placing the sink at a normal height is probably the best option.  Including a stool for the child to stand on during toothbrushing and hand washing then becomes a priority.  Towel bars, however, can be hung lower while the child is still little, so that he can easily reach his towel and washcloth.  As he gets older, rehang the bar at a different height and patch and paint the previous location.

Choosing materials for a child’s bathroom

The materials that are used in a child’s bathroom are just as important as the placement of pieces and the height of things.  If possible, use environmentally friendly materials that will last a long time.  For the homeowner, this is forward thinking of design, because materials like stone vanities and high quality porcelain tile surfaces will then look great when the bathroom transforms from a child’s bathroom to a guest bathroom.

Be wary of materials that are cheaply made or imported from countries with lower safety standards.    Plastic towel racks or hooks may look cute, but they will not last as long as metal ones that are potentially less toxic than their plastic counterparts.  It is important that the bathroom be as safe of a spot as possible for the child.

New bathrooms are for everyone in your household

There is a lot to keep in mind when designing a child’s bathroom.  Materials, item placement, and the height of everyday pieces should all be considered.  While you may be designing the bathroom with the child’s needs in mind, you are ultimately designing the bathroom to the parents’ needs while they are assisting the child.  Happy parents will make it much easier to design a bathroom space that is both practical and whimsical.

Designer and writer, Alyssa Davis of, has many ideas for bringing style to your home with bathroom metal wall hangings and iron fish art.

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