Designing with Curves for Child-Friendly Decor

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Smooth and sleek, curves are the answer to the harsh edges of the world. Imagine for a moment being placed in a room where everything had sharp angles and abrupt lines. Then, imagine stepping into a room filled with furniture that has curved lines and gentle turns. Where would you feel more comfortable? Most would say that the room with the curves and graceful lines would be more welcoming and comfortable. When designing your home’s decor, take that into consideration.

Practically Speaking

When I became a mom, my shift in decorating style went something like this: Remove all pieces of furniture with corners from the room – STAT! Practically speaking, corners were child-injury magnets and I had no use for them in my new role as mom.

Relaxed Family Room

The more I lived with furniture with soft, curved arms, and a coffee table that is actually a round ottoman, I discovered that the space seemed more relaxing, more open, and definitely more friendly. It was a shift in design that I had not anticipated beyond creating a safer environment for my teetering toddler, but I liked it. Curves are cozy.

Curve Placement

The living room was the easiest space to replace the angular, modern furniture designs with ones that were more curved and child-friendly. Many big box and modern furniture designers must have gotten whiff of the child-friendly design wave that was taking over, because now even most of their sleekest sofa pieces come with curved corners and padded edges. The curves create a less formal feel and while that might not be ideal for a formal space, for the relaxed family home, it is ideal.

Curved end-table. Source: via Kelli on Pinterest

Curves were also a big part of the design in the bedrooms. Sharp-edged dressers were replaced with those that have curved trim at the edges. While they would still result in quite a bump should a tot dive head-first into one, they are probably less likely to cause a gaping wound. The fewer gaping wounds there are, the more successful a mother considers her decor.

Blending Sharp Corners and Cozy Curves

It is unavoidable that you will end up with pieces of furniture that simply do not come with curved edges. Bookcases are one of the pieces that come to mind. Short of wrapping batting around the edges of the bookcase or erecting a gate around it, the corner will always be there. One way to take the edge off, so to speak, is to buffer it from the side with the curved arm of the sofa or a chair. Place one side flush against the wall to ward off at least one corner. Unfortunately, there will always be sharp corners, but minimizing exposure to them is possible.

Designing with curves not only gives your home that relaxed, cozy feel that makes guests and family members alike feel welcome, but it also helps to create a more child-friendly space. Incorporate them wherever you can and embrace the smooth lines. A sharp, contemporary look is great for when the kids leave home for college, but while they are little, give them a cozy space that is defined by curves.

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