Developing a Landscaping Plan For Your Yard

When putting together a plan for your yard in preparation for spring, it is important that you list all of the items you would like to include. Whether you have an existing yard, or would like to put a yard in from scratch in the case of a new home, there are many options, but the best way is to start with a plan. Here are some things that you can include on your plan.

Having landscape plans is a great way to get into the spirit of spring, and to get your yard ready for that burst of curb appeal. Some plants that thrive very quickly in the spring include annuals, relative to your local climate. These flowering plants offer beautiful pops of color, they grow very quickly, and they are low maintenance because they are local.

Landscape planning before you start

It is important to know where walkways, planters, grass, plants and accessories will all be placed before you start shopping. This is necessary so that the yard has a put-together look, instead of a thrown-together look. It will also allow you to see if there are certain plants or ideas that might not work with your design, based on important factors like sun and wind exposure.

landscaping materials to consider

This is a good time to look around for materials that you would like to use for your design. This can include stone pavers, pea gravel, plants, borders and grass. Look for other springtime ideas that would boost your home’s look. This can include window boxes, hanging planters and tiering the plants on the ground. This last step is important because it showcases all of the plants that you installed for spring.

When putting together your plan, make sure you look at the container that the plants come in. This way you can ensure proper placement for that plant. This is also when you can start to research ground cover basics that will add color, but also protect your plants and surrounding surfaces from things like pesticides, weed seed and insects. If updating an existing yard, this is also a great time to clear out all the older plants that are no longer thriving, so that you can get a clearer picture of how you would like to transform your yard. Having an idea of what you would like is the best beginning with this type of project.

Choosing landscape elements that work best for you

Just like in home decorating, landscape design is color coordinated. If there is a walkway that will be installed, or stones or whatever product that may be added to the home, make sure that it complements the structure. For instance, having a natural beige walkway does not work well with gray home, and vice versa. Find local plants that will also complement the home, and provide a nice colorful splash of color. This is a great way to show off that inner designer.

Many designers carry around a bag of sample and swatches. You can begin to put together a complete list of all the items and colors you would like to incorporate into your landscaping plan. This is also beneficial if you decide to add or change something later on. Having a ready bag of items that you know already works with your home and yard is a great way to avoid a design catastrophe later on.

To start your research, consult BuildDirect’s range of landscaping products to help you get started on the transformation of your property this spring.

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