Direct Print Flooring

Direct print flooring is a new product on the market that is an innovative development of traditional wood flooring. This product might sound a little confusing, but the overall result is a beautiful redecorating surface, just in time for spring. These floors are a unique bamboo flooring that is compressed and painted to look like your favorite hardwood colors such as:

  • Cherry, which comes in different shades from light to dark.
  • Natural, this color will take on the natural color of the warm bamboo
  • Oak, colors for both the light and dark color will match with your oak furniture
  • Dark Oak
  • Walnut, a dark and rich color that will show off your furniture and focal point pieces.

How is direct print flooring made?

The direct print flooring is made from strand-woven bamboo, planks of flooring made from the parings of traditional bamboo floors. The parings are woven together to make one solid board, an exceptionally hard base upon which to create direct print flooring.

For each layer that is woven together, paint is applied that is then sealed. The paint is the color of the chosen type of wood, and because it is done for each layer, the plank essentially is the same color throughout. Unlike hardwood that can chip, exposing the raw color of the wood, these pieces will be the color throughout the entire piece.

Here is how the material is put together:

  • The bamboo is cut into fine strips. This allows for a uniform look during production.
  • The strips are then pieced together, glued through a press and then painted.
  • This process is repeated, stacking the completed strips onto each other. Each being painted with the chosen color, until the strip is the height needed to be installed on a floor.
  • The final process is one last coat of paint, then a sealant. This makes the color perfect, the surface smooth, and the product extremely hardy. Unlike wood, this product will not dent due to softness of the material.

Installing direct print floors advantages

This type of product is installed the same way as hardwood flooring (on a wood subfloor) or an engineered floor (floated on a concrete subfloor). These floors exhibit the tensile strength and durability that strand-woven bamboo is so famous for. The use of direct print flooring for spring is great way to freshen up a room, and revive a tired old space. The actual construction is unique, but it allows for a more consistent finish for the final product.

Get Ready For Spring with direct print flooring

Getting ready for spring is a fun time of revitalization and rejuvenation. There are new flowers, smells and sounds with the fresh air. People want to entertain, gather together and visit with one another. What better way to showcase your home for the season than with a new floor? The bamboo is incredibly sturdy and durable, and will be able to withstand foot traffic and shoes while giving you the look of traditional wood floors in areas where they may not thrive for as long; below grade, or in areas not environmentally controlled year round.

The installation is easy, and the look and feel it will give your home will take your breath away. Bring life to your home with new flooring that is not only beautiful, but eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

You can order free samples of direct print bamboo flooring from BuildDirect.

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