DIY Attic Conversions: Building Value

The great thing about trends in the 21st century as far as re-defining spaces goes, is that homeowners are putting their designer’s hats on instead of thinking about their dream homes as some unreachable ideal. One way they’re doing it is by taking the spaces they’re already in, and applying their own rules instead of accepting what’s in place.

Often, this is all about re-imagining areas of the home that may have gone unnoticed in the past, and opening them up into prime living areas. A popular choice for this kind of vision is the attic renovation.  Attic spaces instantly increase the square footage of a home, and therefore increase the value of that home, too. This alone is a reason for considering a project like this. But, the more important point is thinking beyond re-sale values, that may end up being theoretical values any way.

No; what matters is the livability of a new attic space, not necessarily its saleability.

So, how do you approach a project like this? Well, take a look at this infographic to see some of the big pieces of the project to affect the transformation you’re looking for in an attic conversion.

To see this image in it’s full size, click on it. This will open it in a new window. Then, click it again to see it enlarged.

So, there you are.

I think the main point to contemplate here is your philosophy when taking on an attic renovation project. With all of the above in mind, I think the best approach is to build it out for yourself, and the needs of those living in your transformed space.  When thinking about the value of your home, maybe it’s better to impress yourself rather than impressing a future buyer.

What do you think, gentle readers?

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